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History of the manufacturer  

Philbrick Researches, George A (GAP/R).; Dedham, MA

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Name: Philbrick Researches, George A (GAP/R).; Dedham, MA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: philbrick
Products: Model types

George Arthur Philbrick built the first commercial Operational amplifier, the K2-W. The company was first in Boston, MA: 1956 at 230 Congress Street, 1958 at 285 Columbus Avenue and 1963 at 127, Clarendon Street, Boston 16. In 1968 they were in Dedham, MA, Allied Drive at Route 128 where they still could be found in 1982 as Philbrick/Nexus Research, A Teledyne Company.


Some text from Joe Sousa in
The first commercial Operational amplifier was the K2-W op-amp. It was based on the amplifier used in the Philbrick modular Analog-Computor "black boxes ". That amplifier's basic circuit architecture, in turn, was probably inspired by an earlier amplifier designed by Loebe Julie (Dan Sheingold and Bob Pease, thanks for helping me with this information). The K2-W Operational Amplifier entered the commercial market in 1952. It performed mathematical Operations in analog computers. Soon after, the K2-W and its successors saw wide application in industry. The Analog Computer was one educational vehicle to familiarize the engineer and the engineering student, with Operational Amplifier techniques. GAP/R also took on a crucial educational leadership role with application guides and tutorials.

Over time, GAP/R was bought and sold, and existed under different names: Philbrick-Nexus, Teledyne Philbrick, Teledyne semiconductor, and currently TelCom Semiconductor.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  52/53 Stabilizing Amplifier K2-P 12AX7  1 tube and one Chopper Airpax A175. 
USA  52 K2-W Operational Amplifier 12AX7A  Philbrick Researches, George A (GAP/R);Operational Amplifier model K2-W for Analog Computer. 
USA  53 Dual Power Supply R-100B 12AU7  Output +/-300 VDC, adjustable. 
USA  50 Integrating Component K3-J 12AX7  The K3-J is part of the second generation of the K3 series of Analog Computers modules. Th... 
USA  63 K2-XA Operational Amplifier 12AX7A  Philbrick Researches, George A (GAP/R); Operational Amplifier model K2-XA for Analog ... 
USA  58 GAP/R K2-X Operational Amplifier 12AX7A   
USA  66 Solid State Operational Amplifier P55AU   It is an operational amplifier module with discrete components. The module is pluggable. T...