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Baird (brand) - Baird Television, Scophony, Scophony-Baird; London

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Name: Baird (brand) - Baird Television, Scophony, Scophony-Baird; London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: baird2
Products: Model types

Television Ltd.
22 Frith Street, London W1 (1925)
Motorgraph House, Upper St Martins Lane, London WC (Feb. 1926)
133 Long Acre, London WC (Feb. 1928)

Baird Television Development Company

Baird International Television Ltd.
133 Long Acre, London WC2 (ca. 1928)

Baird Television Ltd.

Scophony Ltd.
36 Victoria Street, London SW1
Thornwood Lodge, Campden Hill, W8

John Logie Baird Ltd.
4 Upper Grosvenor St., London W1 (1947)

Scophony-Baird Ltd.
Wells, Somerset (1949)

Baird Television Ltd. (1952)

The history of Baird is complicated and marked with mutliple take-overs, mergers, renamings and involves more than one company only.

Baird today is a brand that is used for consumer electronics such as LCD and plasma TVs.

Founded: 1925

Television Ltd. is registered on 11th June 1925 with John Logie Baird as 'electrical engineer' and W.E.L. Day as 'merchant'.

Founding of Baird Television Development Company to acquire the rights to John Logie Baird's television system from Television Ltd.

Incorporation of Baird International Television Ltd., with controlling interest in Baird Television Development.

Baird International absorbs Baird Television Developement and changes its name to Baird Television Ltd. The same year, Scophony Ltd. is founded by Solomon Sagall with the goal to develop the system invented by G.W. Walton. Partner are Gaumont British, Ferranti Electric and Oscar Deutsch (chairman of Odeon Theatres).

Baird announces that from June on they will undertake all manufacturing themselves and cease working with Bush Radio.
Scophony gets active in the USA, opening an office in New York City and beginning demonstrations and other activities preliminary to establishing a manufacturing and distributing business there.

Baird Television is acquired by Cinema-Television Ltd., part of Gaumont-British.

Scophony, after getting into financial trouble, enters financing contracts with American motion picture and television interestes, including Paramount and General Precision.

Scophony acquires John Logie Baird Ltd. and the associate company W. Andrew Bryce and Co., manufacturer of transformers and components. A new factory at Wells is set up and television production at the Wembley factory is expanded.

The company is renamed Scophony-Baird Ltd.

The company changes its name to Baird Television Ltd.

Baird is acquired by Radio Rentals.

The now defunct Baird brand is used by Radio Rentals for television and radio receiving sets.

Radio Rentals is taken over by Thorn Electrical Industries.

Caversham Finance Limited, previously a subsidiary of Thorn Group plc, is taken private.

The name Baird is registered with seniority date 17. Nov. 1989 by Caversham Trading Ltd., 5 Hercules Way, Leavesden Park, Watford WD25 7GS. This company is incorporated on 17 March 2005. Caversham Finance Ltd. does retailing and rental business as BrightHouse (founded in 1994).

Caversham is bought by private equity company Vision Capital.

This manufacturer was suggested by Georg Richter.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  35 Baird Demonstation Television Receiver   180 line Baird television used in the high-definition demonstration series in Crystal Pala... 
GB  50 Scophony-Baird Magnetic Tape Recorder    
GB  54 P2114   Two-band TV receiver with 14-inch tube. 
GB  63 258 UCC85  FM with external aerial. MW with internal ferrite rod aerial. Fixed LW preset to BBC Light... 
GB  58 Tape Recorder TRI (TR1) EF86  2 tracks, speeds 3.75, 7.5 and 15 inches per second, maximum spool diameter 7 inches.... 
GB  80 VHS Video Cassette Recorder 8922   VHS PAL. Toploader. 8 programs CCIR I standard UHF tuner. Baird at this stage is a ... 
GB  38 T18 Short Console    
GB  49 Everyman - Portable 164 [late]   405 Line "Portable"-TV with built-in antenna, 9" CRT, VHF tuner. Portable means ... 
GB  61 Tapemaster Recorder M280 MkII ECC83  Made by Radio Rentals. 
GB  29/30 Televisor with Nipkow Disc   30 lines TV with mechanical disc (Nipkow) for use in conjunction with any radio receiver (... 
GB  39 T25   Baird T.25; ~12" (10" x 8") round CRT 405 lines b/w TV with GB channel 1 (London) VHF onl... 
GB  30 Televisor Junior Kit   Baird (Televisor) Junior Kit; Mechanically 30 lines TV kit, parts were: motor & synchroni... 


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Baird (brand) - Baird Television, Scophony, Scophony-Baird; London
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Problems for Mechanical TV
Roy Johnson

Scophony had to withdraw at the last moment from demonstrating their Home and Public Hall TV Receivers at the August 1937 Radiolympia Show.  This was due to the "irregular timing and phase shifting" (jitter) in the BBC broadcasts on the 405 line system from Alexandra Palace. Because the mechanical system cannot adjust rapidly enough to the synchonising pulses, an unstable picture resulted.

Scophony had been complaining about this to the BBC and to the Television Advisory Committe for many months.  The BBC stated that it was developing new equipment to be installed in late August 1937 and that they would "take all possible steps" to ensure that the signal radiated would function to a standard to suit the Scophony equipment.

This problem no doubt caused the company severe financial problems at a time of TV growth when appearance at the show was so important in promoting and selling new sets.

RJ (Source Wireless World+)

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Scophony Two Foot Screen Home Receiver
Georg Richter
  1 The 'Scophony Two Foot Screen Home Receiver' see Manufacturer EKCO, Model ES104.
Baird (brand) - Baird Television, Scophony, Scophony-Baird; London
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