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Uniden; Tokyo

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Name: Uniden; Tokyo    (J)  
Abbreviation: uniden
Products: Model types

Uniden, 2-12-7 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8512, Japan. 2006 active company. Global manufacturers of CB transceivers, Scanners, Marine Electronic Equipment.
Many items are similar with products from PAN-International and President-Electronics.

Founded: 1966

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
84–86 PC-404   Uniden Mobile-27-MHz-FM-Transceiver PC-404.Frequency range 26.965-27.405 MHz in 40 channel... 
75 HF SSB Transceiver 2020 6146B  3.5 to 28 MHz HAM bands w/o WARC plus WWV in ten ranges, modes SSB, AM, CW. 18 ICs, 154 Di... 
75 External Speaker 8120   Externer Lautsprecher für den KW-Transceiver Uniden 2020. 
75 Remote VFO 8010   Externe VFO mit 10 quarzstabilen Kanälen. 
75 FM-Transceiver 2030   FM-Mobil-Transceiver. 144···146 MHz, 12 Quarz-Kanäle; Pout = 1 W/10 W. 
83 CR-2021   Communications receiver covering 150 kHz - 30 MHz, AM, SSB(BFO); IF bandwidths (-6/-60 dB... 
80 Bearcat DX1000   Großer modern konzipierter KW/LW/MW-Empfänger mit vielseitiger Ausstattung,10 Speicher,dre... 
80 Bearcat Scanner 100XL   Band Coverage: 9 Bands Frequency Range: Low Band: 66-88 MHZ Aircraft: 118-136 MHz ... 
77 2080   ICs: 13Uniden PLL-Amateurtransceiver 2080.Frequency-Range: 144,000–147,995 MHz in 5-kHz-st... 
01 Scanner UBC760XLT   100 Channels, coverage 5 bands: 66 - 88 MHz FM, 108 - 136 MHz AM, 136 - 174 MHz FM, 350 - ... 
94 Bearcat BC-3000-XLT   400 channels handheld scanning receiver (20 × 20), batteries BP2500 NiCd 600 mAh. Twin tu... 
04 Bearcat UBC68XLT   Two VHF bands and one UHF band FM only: 66 ... 88MHZ (Low Band VHF, Amateur 4m, East Euro... 


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