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History of the manufacturer  

Ferris Bros. Pty Ltd.; Sydney

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Name: Ferris Bros. Pty Ltd.; Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: ferris
Products: Model types Others

Ferris Bros. Pty Ltd., Cnr. William and Dowling Str., Sydney.
Manufacturer of car and portable radios.

Founded: 1934
Production: 1934 -
[In 1932 William Malcolm Ferris (nick name "Chum", *1914, +2007)) started manufacturing hand-assembled mantel and console home radio receivers "one by one"]
In 1934 the elder brother of William, George Ferris, joined him to establish the "Ferris Bros. Pty Ltd.", since about 1937/38 mainly for development and manufacturing of car radios.
During WW2 the Ferris brothers diversified into manufacturing gas-producing units to provide alternative fuel for cars.
After end of WW2 the production of car radios started again. Later additional products was TV receivers, antennas, laboratory equipment, and even boat trailers, golf buggies and model trains.
Another remarcable product was a fully rotating antenna system which could receive TV signals from any position on a boat.
In the 50ies and early 60ies the company employed up to 700 workers.
In 1960 Ferris "Gutter Grip" car radio antenna was patented in Australia (#242531) and New Zealand (#128497).
In 1970 Ferris sold his business to the "Hawker Siddeley" group.

In 1998 "Chum" Ferris donated a vast amount of advertising material, journals and a large collection of radios (spanning more than 30 years of production) to the "Powerhouse Museum" in Sydney.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  60 M137 (137) 2N640  Availiable for both custom & universial fittings. Universial fitting only, £44/2/-. 
AUS  64 Super Fringe 208 AF115N  Colours available in Antique White/Tan, Jade & Beige. Can by powered by AC 240V or ... 
AUS  66 Easybeat M200 SE1012  Four speed record player with an automatic BSR turntable with ceramic cartridge. Speake... 
AUS  62 M164 2N1637  Portable transistor radio that can used in the car & home. Has socket for external car... 
AUS  54 Short Wave Converter 6BA6  Converts the SW range 18 to 65 meters to any broadcast (MW) receiver. 
AUS  58 M112 (112) 6ET6  Single-unit car radio. This is possibly the first Ferris car radio using a solid-state dev... 
AUS  60 M136 (136) 2N640  This model could be adjusted to operate from 6 or 12 volt, positive or negative chassis... 
AUS  70 M309 (309) BF195  Push-button car radio. Price is for basic unit only.  Price for custom dash fittin... 
AUS  59 Ferristor M118 (118) 6ES6  Push-button single-unit car radio. This model can be wired for either positive or negat... 
AUS  60 Ferristor M119 (119) 6ES6  Single-unit, manually tuned car radio. This model can be wired for either positive or n... 
AUS  54 M102/105 [12 Volt] 12BA6  This is a two unit car radio.  The tuning head, referred to as the model M105 tune... 
AUS  71 Portable Car Radio 304 BF195  This portable radio can be used as a car radio by inserting it into a special under-das... 


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