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History of the manufacturer  

Stromberg-Carlson (Australasia) Pty. Ltd. Sydney

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Name: Stromberg-Carlson (Australasia) Pty. Ltd. Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: stromberg
Products: Model types

Stromberg-Carlson (Australasia) Pty. Ltd.  

1922 - 1926: 229 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

1923 - 1936:  72-76 William Street, Sydney

1936: Factory, 118 Bourke Rd. Alexandria, NSW


Stromberg-Carlson was an autonomous operation in Australia and bore very little resemblance to its American parent. The company began its presence by importing receivers from the United States in 1927. In 1928 Stromberg-Carlson began local manufacture of receivers and most of the components.

Founded: 1927
Production: 1928 - 1961

L.P.R. Bean & Co. was formed around 1919 by Leslie Bean an Electrical Engineer who left the Post Master Generals department to start the company to represent Stromberg-Carlson in Australia. They imported telephone equipment and later radio receivers. In 1923 Leslie Bean established the first factory in Australia to manufacture telephone equipment in William Street Sydney and concentrated on products not made by Stromberg-Carlson in the US. This was so successful that in March 1927 the US parent entered into a partnership and formed Stromberg-Carlson (Australasia) Pty. Ltd., with Bean as Managing Director and NS Gilmore as Director.

The import of receivers ceased and the company began making radio components, transformers speakers etc. and complete radio sets. Their first set was called the Treasure Compact 6 and was advertised in November 1928 as being designed and manufactured wholly in Australia.

Leslie Bean was one of the founders of 2BL Sydney in 1923 and chairman of directors until its takeover by the Federal Government in 1928.

During October 1936 they moved to a new factory in Alexandria

In 1937 the US parent relinquished its controlling interest, while still remaining a shareholder and providing engineering assistance, technical information and the Australian rights to all patents taken out by the American company.

Stromberg-Carlson made receivers and components both for their own receivers and sets made by other companies. Brands included their own plus Audiola and Crosley. Between 1939 and 1945 Stromberg-Carlson continued with radio manufacture, though as a much slower rate. They produced telephones and telephone switchboards for the Australian Army.

In the 1950’s the company was producing pressure cookers, radiators, fans as well as radios and radiograms. After the advent of televisions in Australia Stromberg Carlson tried to participate in the market but failed to excite.

It is interesting to note that this company was a training ground for expertise in radio manufacturing in Australia. Fred Thom was a Production Engineer and John Smith was a Forman in the tool room. They left the companyin 1929 to form Thom and smith, TASMA. NS Gilmore left the company in 1931 to found Lekmek Radio.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  40 601PR 6J8G  Dual-wave AC/DC radiogram. 
AUS  37 Grand 837U 6D6   
AUS  39 T640 6U7G   
AUS  38 T580 [Pre-octal valves] KK2   
AUS  39/40 Auditorium Grand 641 6U7G  Manual tuning version of model 781. Uses a modified 640 chassis. Uncertain as to whethe... 
AUS  31/32 Dante 731 235  Console only version of Convertable model 731. 
AUS  52 Westminster   Radiogram with 3-speed record changer. Short Wave bandspread. 
AUS  52 Westchester   Deluxe Radiogram with 3-speed record changer. 
AUS  52 Salisbury   Radiogram with 3-speed record changer. 
AUS  56 Rochester [1956 version]   Dual-wave radiogram with 3-speed record changer. Later versions had a 4-speed changer. 
AUS  52 Rochester   Radiogram with a 3-speed record changer. Short Wave bandspread. 
AUS  54 Moderne   Radiogram with 3-speed record changer. Short wave version of Moderne 53A12. Blonde fini... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Advertisment from "West Australian Wireless & Musical World" April 18, 1932.tbn_aus_stromberg_carlson_ad_1932.jpg
Advertisment from "West Australian Wireless & Musical World" April 18, 1932.tbn_aus_stromberg_carlson_ad2_1932.jpg
Logo 1930's.tbn_aus_stromberg_carlson_logo.jpg
Advertisement for Audiola brands from the "Avocate"(Tas), 20 March 1933.tbn_aus_stromberg_carlson_audiola_ad_1933.jpg
Advert for selling imported Stromberg-Carlson radios by L.P.R. Bean & Co. From The Sunday Times (NSW) 27 February 1927, page 10.tbn_aus_stromberg_advert_st_27_2_1929p10.jpg
On 14 October 1936 the company moved to a new factory in Alexandria, NSW which was opened by the Prime Minister Mr. Lyons. From The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) 13 October 1936, page 12tbn_aus_stromberg_new_factory_smh_nsw_13_oct_1936_p12.jpg
A newspaper article describing the first Stromberg-Carlson radio wholly designed and built in Australia, the Treasure Compact 6 Valve Radio. From The Land (NSW) 9 November 1928 Page 16.tbn_aus_stromberg_first_aust_radio_9_11_1928.jpg
Stromberg-Carlson (Australasia) Pty. Ltd was registered with Bean as Managing Director and NS Gilmore as Director. From The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) 24 March 1927, Page 13.tbn_aus_stromberg_registered_smh_24_3_1927p13.jpg
An announcement from L.P.R. Bean & Co. that Stromberg-Carlson radios will be soon made in Australia. From The Sydney Mail (NSW) 2 March 1927, Page 19.tbn_aus_stromberg_announce_sydney_mail_2_3_1927p19.jpg
An announcement from Stromberg-Carlson (Australasia) Pty. Ltd on the “Acoustical Labyrinth” speaker enclosure which has a winding passageway which acts as an acoustic transmission line to bring the sound from the rear to the front to enhance the low frequency response. From The Sunday guardian (NSW) 20 September 1926, page 7.tbn_aus_stromberg_announce_acoustical_labyrinth_in_australia_sunday_guardin_20_9_1936p7.jpg
601B imported from the USA & sold in Australia in April 1926. Wireless Weekly April 30, 1926, page 12.tbn_aus_stromberg_601b_wireless_weekly_1926_04_30_page_12.jpg
A very detailed history from 1939 on LPR Bean. radio Trade Annual 1939, page 128.tbn_aus_stromberg_rta_1939_page_128.jpg
1932 Models. Stromberg-Carlson_Wireless Weekly Dec 9, 1932, Page 9.tbn_aus_stromberg_carlson_wireless_weekly_dec_9_1932_page_9..jpg