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History of the manufacturer  

Healing, A.G., Ltd.; Melbourne

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Name: Healing, A.G., Ltd.; Melbourne    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: healing
Products: Model types Others

A.G. Healing Ltd Melbourne manufactured radios, television sets and other electrical appliances. They also imported Atwater Kent receivers for a while.

Founded: 1907
Closed: 1975
Production: 1922 - 1975
Alfred George Healing started manufacturing bicycles in Bridge Road Richmond, Melbourne in 1907. Radio manufacture started in 1922 and the "Golden Voice" brand was introduced in 1925. At this time Healing were the importers and distributors of Atwater Kent receivers, which ceased in 1930 with the increase in import tariffs. During the 1930s and 1940s at least, the factory address was 167-173 Franklin St. Melbourne.
During World War Two Healing produced equipment for the armed forces, including radar equipment. In 1956 they started the manufacture of television sets. In 1959 the electronics division became part of Rank Industries but continued manufacturing consumer electronics. The Healing brand is still in use.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  63 Philadelphia 605-23RG 6GK5  The Philadelphia 605-23RG TV is based on the Healing 601 series chassis. For all service d... 
AUS  63 Philadelphia 606-23RG 6GK5  This is a combined 23 inch B&W television receiver, AM radio and stereo record play... 
AUS  65 Courier 816 6GK5  This 16 inch B&W television receiver tuned the 13 standard Australian VHF channels. 
AUS  52 Em-Cee L404E 6BE6  The model L404E is identical to the model 404E except for the type of rectifier used. 
AUS  58–60 Galaxie 370-24CC 6BQ7A  24" console television receiver, with castors, wooden cabinet, walnut, maple, mahogany fin... 
AUS  62/63 Bel-Air 506-23RB 6GK5  23" 3-in-1 TV/Radio/Gram. See also Model 505-23RG without remote control. 
AUS  80/81 MBR-10   5-band AC/batt. marine, SW, aircraft, VHF frequency. MADE IN HONG KONG 
AUS  57/58 Cleveland 380-17TWL 6BQ7A  Cabinet finishes available maple, mahogany or walnut. 
AUS  70/71 Capitol 225-25CC [Later version] 6GK5  Healing 225CC "Capitol" 25" Console Designed and built with the prestige look of fine f... 
AUS  69/70 Las Vegas 225-25LB Ch= 225 [With cloth speaker grille] 6GK5  Finished in high gloss maple, walnut or Russian birch. For details see version with tim... 
AUS  72–75 1760   Healing Model 1760 17" Portable An attractive unit in teak finish woodgrain vinyl. Feat... 
AUS  72–75 2060TP   Healing Model 2060TP 20" Portable A larger and more powerful version of Model 1760 and ... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Advertisement from the Radio & Electrical Retailer, special issue, Australian Telecommunications at War, May 2, 1946. Healing manufactured Radar equipment during WW2.tbn_aus_healing_ad_1946.jpg
Advertisement from the "Adelaide Advertiser" June 1931.tbn_aus_healing_ad_adelaide_advertiser_june_1931.png
Advertisement from 1936 for Ken-Rad Valves.tbn_aus_healing_ad_ken_rad_valves_1936.jpg
From the “News” (SA), May 27, 1931.tbn_aus_healing_ad_sa_1931.jpg
Advertisement for Atwater Kent radios 1928. From the “News” (SA), April 23, 1928.tbn_aus_healing_1928_ad..jpg
From the “News” (SA), August 11, 1930.tbn_aus_healing_ad_1930.jpg
Advertisement for Healing radios in July, 1930. Possibly the first radios manufactured by Healing after the import tariffs stopped the import of Atwater Kent receivers in 1930. From the “News” (SA), July 23, 1930.tbn_aus_healing_ad_1930~~1.jpg
Advertisement describing Healing Model H radios in August 1931. From the “Northern Star” (NSW), August 7, 1931.tbn_aus_healing_h_desc_1931.jpg
From the “Radio & Electrical Retailer”, May 2, 1946.tbn_aus_healing_radio_ad_1946.jpg