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History of the manufacturer  

Yoko Electronics, Allied Electronics; Halfweg, Oosthuizen

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Name: Yoko Electronics, Allied Electronics; Halfweg, Oosthuizen    (NL)  
Abbreviation: yoko
Products: Model types

YOKO Electronics B.V., Haarlemmerstraat 95, 1165MK Halfweg.

Allied Electronics B.V., Ambachtsweg 13, 1474HV Oosthuizen.

Yoko as a brand only was an importer of consumer electronics with head office in the Netherlands and branch offices in many European countries e.g. Germany, UK etc.

Founded: 1976
In 2013 (possibly earlier) YOKO is a brand of Allied Electronics, as are Marquant and Techwood.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
NL  70 2Band Radio 2371   Yoko Portable AM-FM 2Band Radio Model 2371. Made in Japan. 
NL  85 CCTV-1   Special made car Radio with Autoreverse Cass. Player, AM/FM Stereo Radio and a 1.5" B/W VH... 
NL  80 7700   Weckfunktion, Sleeptimer, LED-Anzeige, 9-V-Batteriespeicher für Uhr. 
NL  85 Doppelkassettenspieler mit Radio   2 Laufwerke, 4-spur Stereo 
NL  80 F-3 5FNS4  TV-FM/AM Receiver, Stereo Cassette player; 5" b/w TV with VHF-/UHF tuner, AM/FM radio, tel... 
NL  80 D-28   AM 530-1605 Khz, FM 88-108 Mhz. 
NL  87 CTV-5 15CAC56X  14 cm Color / Monitor TV für Betrieb mit Batterien, im Auto oder mit Netzteil der Type PH-... 
NL  85 PCTV-100   Yoko PCTV-100; 5" 13 cm PAL colour TV, CCIR B/G electronic VHF/UHF tuner, AV I/O´s. 
NL  76 YOKO AM-89-A Best.Nr. 9087   MW Taschenradio mit Kunststoff Trageschlaufe oben, 3,5mm Ohrhöreranschluss rü... 
NL  85 Water Resistant Radio "Shower with Music" POW-10   Yoko AM/FM Water Resistant Radio, "Shower with Music" POW-10; Made in Hong-Kong. 
NL  87 Portable TV CTV-5 [with radio] 15CAC56X  VHF; CH 2-12. UHF CH 21-69. AM 540-1600 kHz. FM 88-108MHz. Base Rotativa e Porta Pilhas. ... 
NL  91 Quartz H 112   Stereo PLL synthesized receiver with 20 memory preset. Microprocessor batt. 2x SR44. Frequ... 


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