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History of the manufacturer  

Mezon Works, Leningrad

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Name: Mezon Works, Leningrad    (SU)  
Abbreviation: mezonlenin
Products: Model types Others

Portable TV sets - Elektronika BL-100 etc..


This manufacturer was suggested by Zenonas Langaitis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  76 Rigonda M (VL-100M) (VL100M)   Portable Russian B/W TV, with wideband Tuner working Band I-V without a Band selector. Pro... 
SU  83 Èlektronika {Электроника} [Elektronika] 408D {408Д}   16 cm portable B/W TV with OIRT VHF/UHF tuner, built-in telescopic antenna, also known as ... 
SU  88 Tele Star 4004 16ЛК8Б  Mezon Tele Star 4004; 16-cm-Portable, Exportgerät des Elektronika 408, VHF/UHF K... 
SU  72 Bimex 1000 Èlektronika {Электроника} [Elektronika] VL-100 {ВЛ-100} 16ЛК1Б  Portable 6" Fernsehgerät, VHF Kanäle 2...4 und 5...12. Anschlüsse für Außenantenne, Kopfhö... 
SU  80 Èlektronika (Elektronika) {Электроника} 407 16ЛК1Б  Elektronika 407; 16 cm portable b/w TV with OIRT standard VHF/UHF IV tuner (ch. 21 - 4... 
SU  72 Èlektronika {Электроника} [Elektronika] 50   "Taschenfernsehempfänger" der OIRT-Norm: VHF, UHF und UKW-Band, Bildröhrendiagonale 70 mm... 
SU  69 Èlektron {Электрон} 2M {2М} П401   
SU  85 Èlektronika {Электроника} C-431 {Ц-431} 25ЛК2Ц  ~25 cm SECAM standard color TV, electronic CCIR D/K VHF & UHF tuner with 6 presets, IC equ... 
SU  77 Elektronika - Электроника 404D - 404Д (PT23 - ПТ-23)   Wurde 1977 in die Tschechoslowakei importiert. VHF- OIRT Norm 
SU  83 Elektronika - {Электроника} 409D - {409Д}   S/W Reiseempfänger. Tele-Antenne, Koaxialbuchse. OIRT VHF/UHF.