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History of the manufacturer  

Breadner Co. Ltd.; Ottawa (Ont.)

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Name: Breadner Co. Ltd.; Ottawa (Ont.)    (CDN)  
Abbreviation: braedner
Products: Model types

Breadner Co. Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Trade name: Bradna.


The Breadner Co. was founded as a jewelry business by Samuel Breadner and they eventually occupied a large building at 1000 - 1002 Somerset St. W., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Samuel's son Jack became president of the company and, counting on large amounts of inexpensive war surplus material, this family business decided to manufacture portable radios in 1946 and they designed their first model to be supplied for the early 1947 season. During 1947 they produced two models, the JBL-27 and, within a few months, the JBL-27A which replaced half the octal tubes of the original with the smaller miniature types. For the 1948 season they were able to build in a full complement of miniature tubes and they renamed this version the JBL-27B which they advertised as the "Minstrel". They also made an AC/Battery model, the JBL-37 which they advertised as the "Gypsy". This was their final venture in the radio business and they returned to making and selling jewelry until the mid-1950's. Another son of Samuel Breadner, Lloyd Samuel Breadner, a WWI ace pilot, was the commander of the RCAF in Europe as Air Chief Marshal during WWII.

Bernard Lacome wrote us (April 4, 2012): "JBL is a contraction of Jack Breadner, Bernard Lacome, Lewis Holland."

This manufacturer was suggested by Vitor Oliveira.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CDN  47/48 Bradna JBL27A 1R5   
CDN  47/48 Bradna JBL27B 1R5   
CDN  47/48 Bradna JBL37 1R5   
CDN  47 Bradna JBL27 1A7   


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Dealer advertisement courtesy of Daniel Labelle (SQCRA)tbn_can_bradna_advert_1948.jpg