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History of the manufacturer  

Rogers, Catford (see also Rogers Birmingham)

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Name: Rogers, Catford (see also Rogers Birmingham)    (GB)  
Abbreviation: rogers2
Products: Model types

Rogers Development (Electronics) Ltd.
15 Llanover Road, Plumstead, S.E.18 (1947)
12 Macclesfield Street, Shaftesbury Ave., W.I. (1947-1950)
106 Heath Street, Hampstead, London N.W.1. (1950)
116 Blackheath Road, Greenwich S.E.10 (1950-1956)
4-14 Barmeston Road, Catford, S.E.6 (1956-1976)

Swisstone Electronics Limited.
4-14 Barmeston Road, Catford, S.E.6 (1976-      )

Rogers Developments, founded by Jim Rogers in 1947 as manufacturers of audio equipment including amplifiers, tuners, and audio test equipment, and in association with the BBC for monitor loudspeakers. The company became famous for its BBC-designed loudspeakers including the legendary LS3/5A mini monitor.

The company ceased operating on October 31, 1975 and emerged as Swisstone Electronics Ltd. of London.

Founded: 1947
Production: 1948 -

The Rogers company was originally founded in 1947 by Jim Rogers and started advertising as speaker and amplifier component suppliers. [1]

By 1951 they advertised a range of High-Fidelity equipment branded as RD such as the RD Williamson model D amplifier along with pre-amplifiers and tone networks. [2]

Around 1955 the company changed its name from Rogers Development Ltd. to Rogers Development (Electronics) Ltd. [3]

In 1975 Brian Pook became managing director. The company was a licensee for the manufacture of the LS3/5A and LS3/6 BBC Monitor speakers but was struggling to maintain production because of unreliable/unavailable supplies. In October 1975 it went into receivership.

This notice appeared in Wireless World, January 1976, page 36.

Rogers packs up

It's sad to record the demise of yet another small British company making high-quality products. Rogers Developments (Electronics) Ltd, manufacturers of audio equipment including amplifiers, tuners and monitor loudspeakers, ceased operating on October 31, 1975.
The company was formed by J. D. Rogers in 1947 and came to considerable prominence during the hi-fi boom. Following changes in the firm's management on June 17, 1975, when the founder was made chairman and technical director, Mr. Rogers "was compelled to resign" (as he writes to us) on August 27.
At the time of writing, we understand the company will be put into liquidation. Farewell to a much respected and friendly firm

This was followed by this advert from Wireless World Mar 1976, Page 52.

Swisstone Electronics Ltd., 4/14 Barmeston Road, London SE6 3BN is a new company that will specialize in the servicing of Rogers audio equipment.
Swisstone has obtained the premises, stock, and plant of Rogers Developments, now in liquidation, and has also retained the services of key personnel.


In 1976, Jim Pook and 5 other ex-employees purchased all the Rogers items at the liquidator's auction, bought the Rogers name from the receiver, leased the factory, renegotiated the BBC LS3/5A license, and started the business again, with financial support from Michael O'Brien, under the” off the shelf” company Swisstone Electronics Limited.

A new design was developed in-house, using a special bass unit (from Dalesford in Yorkshire) and rationalised the design for manufacture, resulting in the Rogers Export Monitor speaker, a product free of any BBC licence.

Exporting became a key part of the new business.

1978 Acquired the Chartwell Company (a company started by former BBC employees who had taken a licence to make the LS3/5A, and operated from a factory in Mitcham), acquiring the BBC profile cone moulding tools from Hyder Cones and making speaker drive units in-house which were used to create the Rogers Studio 1 speaker.

1980s Rogers loudspeakers were still being made by Swisstone.

In 1993, Rogers became part of the Wo Kee Hong Group. Through this group's vast worldwide network, strong financial background, and modern management, Rogers entered into a new era and in 1995 brought out the revolutionary single-driver subwoofer AB-1 (Auxiliary Bass One) model designed specifically to address the limitations of the LS3/5A.

Exporting through Rogers International ( Uk) Limited, Unit 3, 310 Commonside East, Mitcham, Surrey CR411 IX.

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[2] Wireless World Nov 1951, Page 32.
[3] Wireless World Nov 1955, Page 147.

This manufacturer was suggested by Gottfried Silberhorn.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  60 Variable Tuner MK III (3) unknown_Tube   
GB  65 Integrated Stereo Amp HG88 MkII EF86  output 2× 12 W; sold as chassis or with teak case. 
GB  62 Variable FM Receiver MK II (MK2) unknown_Tube  FM Stereo Tuner. 
GB  64–70 Cadet III (3) ECC807  integrated amp, stereo, with separate control unit and power amp sections. 
GB  73 Ravensbourne Stereo   Connector for auxiliary external PreAmp. 
GB  82 Loudspeaker LS7   Stand mounted hi-fi loudspeakers. 30 litre cabinets made from bituminous damped MDF covere... 
GB  64 HG88 Mk III (3) ECC807  Integrated Amp, stereo. NF-Leistung 2 x 12 Watt sinus. Endstufen in Gegentaktschaltung. ... 
GB  65 FM Stereo Tuner SFM II    
GB  75 BBC Monitor Loudspeaker LS3/5A   Small loudspeaker developed by the BBC to monitor and assess broadcast quality. Rogers (an... 
GB  69 Ravensbrook Stereo Amplifier   Stereo amplifier, 2 x 15 watts into 8ohms, 2 x 10 watts into 15ohms. Available without ... 
GB  56 RD Junior FM Tuner ECC85  Variable inductance tuning, range 87-107.5 MHz. AFC Foster-Seeley disc. Optional tuning in... 
GB  97 Pure Class 'A' Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier E20A ECC83  A stereo hi-fi valve integrated amplifier with class A power output of 18 watts per channe... 


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