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Star Co. Ltd.; Tokyo

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Name: Star Co. Ltd.; Tokyo    (J)  
Abbreviation: starco
Products: Model types

Star Co. Ltd., 6-31, 7-Chome, Ohmorinishi, Ohta-ku, Tokyo. Founded as Fuji Seisakuzyo Company. Small manufacturer of AM and FM tuner kits and HAM radio equipment. In 1967 Star went bankcrupt and/or Yaesu take over. Most of the engineering staff was hired by Yaesu and Trio (Kenwood). Well known HAM set was shortwave receiver/transmitter SR-700/ST-700 line.

Founded: 1950
Closed: 1967
Production: - 1967

This manufacturer was suggested by Eilert Menke.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
63–65 SR-600   80 - 10 meters HAM bands plus five additional 600 kHz ranges, AM/CW/SSB. IF bandwiths 0.5 ... 
67 SR-700   80 to 10 meters HAM band plus five additional 600 kHz ranges between 3.5 and 30 MHz, AM/CW... 
67 ST-700 6EA8  80 to 10 meters HAM bands, AM/CW/SSB. HF output 100 watts PEP. There was model numbers wit... 
62 Communication Receiver SR-550 6BA6  1.8 to 54 MHz HAM bands, AM/CW/SSB, ANL,IF selectivity 0.5 to 4.0 kHz, 3.5 MHz xtal calibr... 
64–67 SR-200   10 to 80 meters HAM bands (160 meters optional), SSB/CW/AM, ANL, IF xtal filter 2.5 kHz, S... 
67 Star SR-700A 6BZ6  5 Amateurbänder 80 - 10 m, 5 weitere Bereiche zwischen 4 und 30 MHz bequarzbar. AM, USB/LS... 
62 SR-150 12BE6  Wellenbereichsaufteilung ca: 0.55-1.6 1.6-4.5, 4.5-11, 11-30 MHz. In der Innenseite der Rü... 
65 SR-165 6EA8  AM/SSB receiver, covers 535 kHz to 30 MHz in 5 ranges, BFO, S-meter, band-spread tuning, A... 


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Star Co. Ltd.; Tokyo
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Star company, interesting link
Eilert Menke
  1 Hello to all HAM's and related collectors,

here are some details about the companys history and products. Please take look at JA1VBN's website
Maitiu Standun

hi eilert, in answer to ur queury re star receivers , im a fraid i have drawn a blank , somewhere u mention a merger with yeasu , and a bell rings in my memory chamber ,i h ave a standard radio [ex military set with yeasu also stamped on it ]

i know that at one stage standard radio manufactured radios here in the republic of ireland , for export to the uk , thats some years ago now , from what i remember they were a japaneese firm .

i have a battery eliminator and a milliamater eagle brand  with an eagle in flight as a logo  ,and  have searched google and every other search engine to try and find the company , in order to get parts  without success , japanese also i believe , all hese companies over the years get swollowed up by secondary firms etc etc and its nigh on impossible to trace any of them , hope u have luck with ur quest , regards maitiu standun


Star Co. Ltd.; Tokyo
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