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History of the manufacturer  

Genalex, BGE (brand), British General Electric Co. Pty Ltd.; Sydney, NSW.

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Name: Genalex, BGE (brand), British General Electric Co. Pty Ltd.; Sydney, NSW.    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: british-GE
Products: Model types Brand

British General Electric Co. Pty. Ltd.
104 Clarence St., Sydney

Brands: Genalex, BGE

Production: 1924 - 1962

The British General Electric Co. started importing British made sets under the name of "Gecophone" from about 1924.

After 1930 sets were manufactured by Thom and Smith Ltd (Tasma) under the name of Genalex. Between 1956 & 1962 BGE branded products were manufactured by Standard Telephones & Cables (STC).

In 1933 the company made an agreement with Amalgamated Wireless Valve Co. Ltd. (AWV) for tubes to be made with the Osram brand. This was limited to most of the series of tubes on the market at the time and did not include octal based types. The tube boxes were marked "Made in Australia for the British General Electric Co. Ltd.", along with the Osram brand name. The agreement apparently lasted until 1940. 

The brand used for radios was changed to BGE in 1953.

This manufacturer was suggested by Peter Hughes.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  37 BC465 6D6  See also Tasma version, Model 465. 
AUS  56/57 B261 12AH8  Dual-wave radiogram with 3-speed BSR record changer. Based on & electrically indent... 
AUS  56–58 B263 12AH8  Dual-wave radiogram with 3-speed BSR record changer. Blonde Swedish-style cabinet. Base... 
AUS  60/61 Vistarama BT237FA 6CW7  23" console TV on castors. Rebadged STC Emperor T237FA. Cabinet finishes available i... 
AUS  60/61 Vistarama BT237FB 6CW7  23' consolette TV on legs. Rebadged STC Viceroy T237FB. Cabinet finishes available i... 
AUS  60–62 Vistarama BT237EZ 6CW7  23" transportable TV. Has carrying handles on either side of the cabinet. Rebadged STC ... 
AUS  60/61 Vistarama BT237EX 6CW7  23" console TV. Rebdaged STC Imperial T237EX. Cabinet finishes available in Maple, W... 
AUS  60/61 Vistarama BT217EW 6CW7  21' consolette TV on legs. Rebadged STC Viceroy T217EW. Cabinet finishes available i... 
AUS  37 BC440 [Combination] 6D6  See also Tasma radiogram version model 440. 
AUS  36 BC360 [Table] 6A7  Speaker field coil 1650 ohms. See also Tasma Coronation 360. 
AUS  37 Peel (Table) BC435 EK2  See also Tasma model 435. 
AUS  36 BC410 [Table] 1C4  Dual-wave table vibrator radio with R.F. stage. See also Tasma table model 410. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

From The “Sydney Morning Herald”,(NSW), September 22, 1932.tbn_aus_bge_gecophone_ad_1923.jpg
Advertisement for Gecophone Crystal Set & Two Valve Radio. From The “Sydney Morning Herald”,(NSW), November 17, 1932.tbn_aus_bge_gecophone_ad_1923_2.jpg
From The “Sydney Morning Herald”,(NSW), April 9, 1932.tbn_aus_bge_genalex_ad_1932.jpg
Genalex car radio advert 1935tbn_bge_genalex_car_radio.png
BGE Genalex radios 1935tbn_bge_genalex_radios_1935.png
1935 BGE tubes availabletbn_1935_bge_tube_listings_fox_mac_catalogue.png
Wireless Weekly Sept. 21, 1934tbn_osram_empire_series_canada_ww21934.png