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History of the manufacturer  

Tech Instruments Co. Ltd.; Tokyo

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Name: Tech Instruments Co. Ltd.; Tokyo    (J)  
Abbreviation: tech-instr
Products: Model types

Tech Instruments Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Some test equipment ist named "Tech" on the front panel, but a circuit diagram shows "TEC". Obviously not related to the "Tokyo Electric Co. (TEC)"


This manufacturer was suggested by Otto Frosinn.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
72 Audio Generator TE-22D 6BM8  Frequenzbereich 20 Hz - 200 kHz Ausgangskurvenform: Sinus und Rechteck, umschaltbar... 
78 AM/FM Portable Receiver 11/1    
99/99 Dublette mit ID=99728 6AL5   
63 Signal Generator TE-20 12BH7  Tech HF-Signalgenerator TE-20. Frequenzbereiche: 120–300, 320–1000 k... 
65–72 Audio Generator TE-22 6BM8  Sine Wave Range 20 Hz to 200 kHz in 4 bands. Square Wave Range 60 Hz to 30 kHz. (1972... 
70–72 RMSV-Meter TE-65 6AL5  Technische Daten: Innenwiderstand: 11MΩ auf allen Bereichen Gleichspannungsme... 
68 Oscilloscope TO-3 12AT7  Runde Kathodenstrahl-Röhre. Y-Verstärker: Ablenkempfindlichkeit: 0,1Vss/cm Frequenzbereic... 
60 Signalgenerator TE-20D 12BH7A  Kleiner Signalgenerator, Blechgehäuse, Drehkoabstimmung, 120 kHz-130 MHz (260 MHz)... 
70–78 Tradiper TE-15 OC45  Transistorized dipmeter, covers 440 kHz to 280 MHz in six ranges (plug in coils). 
70 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter TE-40 6BL8  RMSV-dBm meter. 10 ranges from 10 mV to 300 V; -40 to +50 dBm. 
60 Tube Tester TC-2   Simple tube checker. Neon bulbs NE-1, NE-2 for voltage regulation. In Deutschland von der ...