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History of the manufacturer  

Gonset Inc., Waterproof Elect. Co.; Burbank (CA)

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Name: Gonset Inc., Waterproof Elect. Co.; Burbank (CA)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: gonset
Products: Model types

Gonset, Inc.
Waterproof Electric Co., 70 East Verdugo, Burbank, CA (1945)
801 S. Main Street, Burbank, CA
Gonset Division of Young Spring & Wire Co. (1957)
Gonset, Inc, LTV Ling Altec, Inc. 1515 S. Manchester Ave., Anaheim, CA


Gonset, Inc. was the manufacturer of amateur and commercial radio equipment. They produced transceivers, converters, noise limiters and other equipment, much of which was for the VHF bands.  The Gonset "Communicator" series of VHF transceivers was one of the company's more well-known sets.

Founded: 1955
Closed: 1968

The Waterproof Electric Company was the predecessor of Gonset, Inc. Waterproof Electric began by manufacturing waterproof components for communications equipment. The September 1946 issue of Radio News carried an ad for Waterproof Electric depicting the Gon-Set Clipper. This unit carried the Gonset triangle logo.

According to Shortwave Receivers Past & Present (4th edition, page 125), Faust Gonsett (W6VR) established Gonset, Inc in 1955. (Note: Gonsett spelled his name with two T's, but the company name with one T.  This was probably to play on the word "set," as in "radio set." His name is commonly misspelled.)  Gonset was purchased by Young Spring & Wire Company in 1957.

Faust Gonsett was the editor of the annually published Radio Handbook for many years, and published aticles on communications equipment design and construction. He would go on to establish Sindeband Engineers, Inc. in 1963. 

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  51 Mobile (144 - 148 MHz)   Gonset Mobile 144 - 148 MHz (Type unknown); Converter. 
USA  68 Sidewinder GS-2B 6360  144 - 148 MHz HAM Band Transceiver, CW/SSB/AM. Needs additional power unit for main or car... 
USA  51 30-40 Mc FM Tuner   Covers 30-40 mc bands. 
USA  46 Clipper Noise Limiter 9006   
USA  51 Gon Set 3 - 30 m Converter 3002 6BH6  Covers 3-30 m bands. 
USA  51 Tri-Band Converter 6CB6  10-11, 20 and 75 meter bands. Also 6AV6 instead of 6AT6 installed. 
USA  51 Gon-Set 10-11 Meter Converter 6AK5   
USA  51 75 Meter Converter 6AK5  Covers 3750 to 4000 kc. 
USA  56 3001 Clipper Noise Limiter 9006  For reduction of interferences. 
USA  56 De Luxe Communicator 3025 6BQ7A  Complete 2-meter station in a portable case; 8 mc crystals. 6 Mc crystals may be used. AM... 
USA  56 3041 Mobile Super-Ceiver   IF-Audio strip, 8 tuned circuits (262 kc), 1430 kc input. Self contained vibrator power su... 
USA  56 3024 2-Meter VFO-Audio Preamplifier   Dial has 0 to 100 logging scale in addition to 2-meter band calibration. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

This ad, from the September 1947 issue of Radio News, shows the relationship of the Waterproof Electric Company and Gonset. Note the Gonset logo is the same used by the later established (1955) Gonset, Inc.tbn_us_gonset_waterproof_1947_ad.jpg
Full page ad for Gonset from the September 1968 issue of QST, depicting several of its products.tbn_us_gonset_full_page_ad_1968.jpg