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History of the manufacturer  

James Millen Mfg. Co., Inc.; Malden, MA

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Name: James Millen Mfg. Co., Inc.; Malden, MA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: millen
Products: Model types Others

James Millen Manufacturing Company, Inc.
150 Exchange Street, Malden, Massachusetts (1972)

Founded by J. Millen, W1HRX, a former engineer from National, in May 1938. High quality HAM and professional radio products and parts.

Founded: 1938
Closed: 1977

In 1977 the Millen production was broken up and sold to three different companies.

The main Millen line was acquired by Caywood Electronics, Inc., which was started by Mr. R. Wade Caywood who was at one time a Chief Engineer at Millen and later Vice President and General Manager. In 1987 Caywood was purchased by Ralph Jannini, KA1FAA, who added the name James Millen Electronics, a division of Caywood Electronics, Inc. They continue to service the electronic hobbyist and collector looking for original parts as well as any remaining inventory that exists.

A second company was Electronic Instruments & Specialty Corporation (EIS). EIS created a division called the MC Division. With former factory manager Alvar Melin and office and order control manager Angelo Caputo retaining their past positions, the new company was formed under the new president Robert Painter. The name was later changed to Millen Manufacturing Division (Millen Hardware on their webpage) of Beta Labs, Inc. in Stoneham, Massachusetts. This division primarily manufactures some of the original Millen hardware. The division was sold to Custom Metal Products Inc. in Melrose, MA in 1999.

The third company (and the only one to no longer use any reference to the Millen name) is The MuShield Company, Inc. MuShield was originally managed by Mr. Owen Haszard, who was the former Millen shield specialist in Malden. MuShield moved to Goffstown, New Hampshire in 1989. The MuShield found extensive use in early Millen oscilloscopes. The current manufacturer carries on this product tradition by providing magnetic shielding and monitor enclosures designed to eliminate interference caused by EMI.

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  51 Hi-Frequency RF Amplifier 90811 3E29  2, 6, 10, 20 meter Amateur bands. 
USA  51 High Frequency Xmitter 90810 6AG7  2, 6, 10, 11 meter bands. 
USA  51 R-9ER 6AK5  Antenna Matching Preamplifier. 
USA  51 HV Power Supply 90281 816  Power supply for Models 90800, 90810 and 90811, delivers 700 volts DC. 
USA  51 RF Power Amplifier 90881   For up to 500 watts. 
USA  47 50-Watt Exciter 90800 6L6  Tri-Tet oscillator with harmonic output. 
USA  51 Standing Wave-Ratio Bridge   Indicates wave-ratio in a 51 or 75 ohm coaxial transmission. 
USA  51 Midget Absorption Frequency Meter   Various models with different frequency-ranges: (3-140mc) (18-40mc) 
USA  49–62 Grid Dip Meter 90651 9002  The James Millen 90651 Grid Dip Meter has a range from 1.7 to 300 MHz in seven bands ... 
USA  56 Amateur Mobile Power Supply   Dual-vibrator mobile power supply for transmitters and receivers. 
USA  49 Midget Absorption Freq. Meter 90601   Field absorption frequency meter set, including four LC tuning modules in a metal carrying... 
USA  46 Antenna Matching Preamplifier 92101 6AK5  James Millen Antenna Matching Preamplifier 92101; Exchangeable coverage with plug-in coils... 


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