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History of the manufacturer  

Harvey Radio Labs., Harvey - Wells; Brookline, Southbridge, MA

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Name: Harvey Radio Labs., Harvey - Wells; Brookline, Southbridge, MA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: harvey-wel
Products: Model types

Harvey Radio Laboratories
12 Boylston St., Brookline, MA
Southbridge, MA (1940)

They produced low budget receivers, transceivers and transmitters for amateur and commercial use, among these was the "Bandmaster" transceivers of the late 1940s.

Founded: 1933
Closed: 1968
Production: 1933 -
After his companion left the company, Clifford A. Harvey continued on his own, in 1933 Dick Mahler joined the Company.
The "Harvey Radio Labs" produced HF, VHF and UHF transceivers and transmitters as a low budget concurrent to Collins Radio Corp. Their equipment has been used by hams and commercial enterprises.
In 1940 John Wells joined the company, the name was changed to "Harvey - Wells Electronics Company" in march 1940. They produced equipment used for police communication, civil defence and the Navy.
After the war, within a range of ham band transceivers, Harvey - Wells produced the TBS-50 "Bandmaster". The company didn't make the step to single sideband transmitting technique and numbers of sets sold dropped.
In 1957, the company has been acquired by "Within Machine Works", the "Harvey Radio Labs" company still existed and became owner of broadcasting stations.
In 1940, the "Harvey - Wells" company has been sold by Mr Harvey to Frank Lyman, in 1944 as an offspring "Harvey of Cambridge" has been founded.

This manufacturer was suggested by Martin Bösch.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  34 Transmitter RK-20 59  The Harvey Radio Laboratories RK-20 Transmitter has an output of 30 watts phone and 1... 
USA  34 Transmitter MO-45   The Harvey Radio Laboratories MO-45 Transmitter operates on the former amateur band of 56 ... 
USA  34 Transmitter MO-71   The Harvey Radio Laboratories MO-71 Transmitter operates on the former amateur band of 56 ... 
USA  34 Receiver HF-3   The Harvey Radio Labratories HF-3 Receiver covers 5-10 meters, using plug-in coils. Use 6.... 
USA  35 Transmitter CT-60 [Model A, Model B]   The Harvey Radio Laboratories CT-60 is a three band, crystal controlled transmitter.  ... 
USA  34 Tritet 59  The Harvey Radio Laboratories Tritet is a transmitter exciter unit, delivering 2-8 watts o... 
USA  34 Harvey Transceiver   The Harvey Radio "Harvey Transceiver" operates on the former 5 meter amateur band. It was ... 
USA  35 Modulator CT-60M [Model X, Model C]   The Harvey Radio Laboratories CT-60M is the modulator unit designed to go with the model C... 
USA  35 UHX-10 6N7  The Harvey UHX-10 Transmitter operates from 1500 to 60,000 kHz. Operates from storage b... 
USA  50 Williamson Amplifier Kit HR-15 6SN7GT  2-chassis power amplifier, mono, with Partridge output transformer. 
USA  41 Aircraft Radio AR-2A   Aircraft Radio receiver designed as Type AR-2A.A compact 4 tube receiver which weighs 9 lbs. 
USA  48 AT-3B-12 [battery operated] 7C5