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Cornell-Dubilier Electric (CDE); Seattle (WA)

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Name: Cornell-Dubilier Electric (CDE); Seattle (WA)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: cornel-dub
Products: Model types Others Tube manufacturer

Cornell-Dubilier Electric (CDE), Seattle. The company was started just after the turn of the century by William Dubilier in Seattle, Washington, and still working today.

Founded: 1933
COMPANY HISTORY Cornell Dubilier Electric (CDE):

Cornell Dubilier is a privately held, American owned maker of capacitors for electronic and electrical equipment with three ISO-9001 registered facilities. If you didn't know that it was founded in 1909 by William Dubilier with his invention of the mica capacitor, you wouldn't suspect that Cornell Dubilier is the oldest capacitor maker in the Western Hemisphere because it is growing rapidly with a flurry of new products.

Cornell Dubilier's major capacitor types are aluminum electrolytic, polyester film, polypropylene film, mica, pulse, snubber, motor-run, motor-start and high voltage capacitors.

Emphasis is on serving the power electronics markets and providing not just reliable capacitors but capacitor solutions with great service.

A chronology of this, Cornell Dubilier's first hundred years is tabulated here:

1909: William Dubilier replaces Leyden jars with his invention of the mica capacitor for radio transmission.

1915: William Dubilier founds Dubilier Condenser Company in New York

1933: Dubilier Condenser Company merges with Cornell Radio to form Cornell-Dubilier Electric (CDE)

1936: Cornell-Dubilier opens the South Plainfield, NJ plant and introduces the first commercial aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

1940: New Bedford, MA plant opens and by 1950 CDE grows to be largest maker of AC, high voltage, mica and aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

1953: Acquires Radiart Corp., Cleveland making automobile radio vibrators,inverters, antennas and antenna rotors.

1955: Cornell-Dubilier opens Sanford, NC plant for aluminum electrolytic, film and wet tantalum capacitors.

1957: Cornell-Dubilier moves Radiart products to Fuquay Varina, NC and enters the relays market as a major supplier to the General Motors Corporation.

1967: Opens 60,000 square foot plant in Taipei, Taiwan to make mica and later, film capacitors.

1978: Cornell-Dubilier acquires the assets and facilities of the Electro Motive Corporation, a leading manufacturer of mica capacitors.

1979: The Reliance Electric Company (then a subsidiary of the Exxon Corporation) acquires Cornell-Dubilier Electric.

1983: A group of Cornell-Dubilier senior managers, headed by James Kaplan, purchases the company and forms Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc.

1984: Establishes the C.D. Electronica de Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Mexicali, Mexico as the manufacturing site for mica capacitors and RF/ID coils.

1987: Acquires the assets of the Components Division of Sangamo Weston in Pickens, SC from Schlumberger. The plant, a major maker of mica and aluminum electrolytic capacitors, becomes Cornell Dubilier Marketing.

1987: Under NASA contract, develops Strategic Defense Initiative laser pulse Star Wars capacitor with energy density of 1400 J/kg.

1991: Develops MLP flatpack, welded-seal capacitor for low profile power holdup: 50 year life, 25 year storage, 20 joules energy.

1992: Introduces KVx mica polymer capacitors: 150 kV, 200°C

1994: Develops MLS stainless flatpack, welded-seal capacitor: 125°C operation, 100 year life.

1995: Cornell Dubilier Marketing moves into a new 103,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Liberty, SC and expands to 140,400 square feet by 2004.

1996: All Cornell Dubilier plants registered to ISO-9001

2001: Corporate headquarters moves from New Jersey to new 3900 square foot addition to Liberty plant.

2002: Acquires the distributor division of NACC Mallory Products Group in April and increases sales through distribution to greater than 40%.

2002: Acquires the aluminum electrolytic capacitors plant of BC Components, Inc., Columbia, SC in December. Becomes largest NA supplier of screw-terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

2004: Acquires York Capacitor Corporation of Winooski, VT in February, a leading maker of AC capacitors for motor run, lighting and power factor correction applications.

2004: Acquires the assets of the Silvered Electronic Mica Co. (Semco) in December, a leading maker of RF mica capacitors.

2005: M level MIL approval for CLR79/81 wet tantalum capacitors

2005: For the first time the company's largest customer is in Asia. Cornell Dubilier becomes major supplier of screw-terminal aluminum electrolytics to Far East.

2006: R level MIL approval for CLR79/81 wet tantalum capacitors; only 2 other suppliers at this level.

This manufacturer was suggested by Vitor Oliveira.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  40 BF-50 Capacitor Analyzer   10 mmf to 50 mfd. 
USA  51 CDC-3 Capacitor Decade   Rated 600 volts DC and 220 Volts AC to check oil and paper dielectrics condensers. 
USA  56 BF-90 Capacitor Checker 6W4GT  Capacitors from .1 mfd to 2000 mfd. 
USA  54 Capacitor-Resistor Bridge BF-60   Capacity ranges 10 mmf-.005mfd, .001-.5 mfd, .1-50 mfd, 20-1000 mfd. 
USA  56 BF-70 Capacitance-Resistance Analyzer   Measures capacity of of paper, mica, air, ceramic, electrolytic and AC capacitors from .00... 
USA  56 BF-80 Flyback-Yoke Checker   4.5" microammeter with 50 microamp full-scale senvitivity. 
USA  56 RDA Resistance Decade   1-110 ohms in 1 ohm steps. 
USA  56 BN Capacitor Tester   Capacitors from 10 mmf to 50 mfd. 
USA  55 Decade Capacitor CDB-5   Decade Capacitor 0.1 - 1.1 µF, ±5%, 600 V DC, 220 V AC. Kapazitätsdekade für den Bereich v... 
USA  77 Direction Control BT-1   Cornell-Dubilier BT-1, CDE Big Talk transmit/receive direction control; Indoor control uni... 
USA  60 CDR Rotor HAM   Cornell-Dubilier CDR Rotor HAM; Indoor controller for HAM antenna rotor, wind rose meter ... 
USA  50 CDR Rotor TR-2A   Cornell-Dubilier CDR Rotor TR-2A; Indoor antenna rotor controller with E-W button only. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

From Radio Retailing, May 1935, page 42tbn_cornell_dubilier_condensers.jpg
From Radio Today, June 1938, page 49tbn_cornell_dubilier_capacitors.jpg

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Cornell-Dubilier Electric (CDE); Seattle (WA)
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Zeitliche Zuordnung der Dekade CDB-5
Geert Schulte
  1 Auf der Rüchseite einer Kapazitätsdekade fand ich folgende Angaben:

Wie ist die Angabe beim Datum zu deuten?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Geert Schulte
Geert Schulte
  2 Ich versuche es einfach noch einmal und präzisiere meine Frage:

Was bedeutet der Eintrag "443" bei "Date" auf der im ersten Post gezeigten Tabelle? Leider kann ich auf und in dem Gerät keine Hinweise auf das Herstellungsjahr finden. Den Hersteller CDE gibt es seit 1933, aber für das Jahr 1943 / 44 erscheint mit das Äußere zu Gerätes zu "modern". Wer kann mir einen Hinweis geben?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Geert Schulte
Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014

Die Bauart entspricht einigen anderen im RMorg angelegten Geräten von Cornell-Dubilier.

Diese sind auf 1956 datiert, weil die Information aus dem 1956er Allied-Katalog stammt.
Vitor Oliviera bekam diesen Katalog seinerzeit von mir um ihn auszuwerten.

Dies schließt keineswegs ein früheres Datum aus.

1. Hypothese: Nach üblicher Lesart ergäbe sich damit März 1944. Allerdings ist eine Produktion eines eindeutig zivilen Gerätes in 1943/44 eher unwahrscheinlich.

2. Hypothese: 44. Woche 1953 oder 43. Woche 1954.  beides würde zum Katalog passen...
Und die Ausführung erscheint doch etwas moderner als die CDC-3, die es mindestens schon 1952 gab.

Cornell-Dubilier Electric (CDE); Seattle (WA)
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