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History of the manufacturer  

Annaka Electric Co.; - from 1931 called Anritsu.

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Name: Annaka Electric Co.; - from 1931 called Anritsu.    (J)  
Abbreviation: annaka
Products: Model types Brand

Annaka Denki G.K. (G.K = Goshi Kaisha = Limited Partnership Company)

39 Fujima-Cho, Azabu-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Later moved to 1800 Onna, Atsugi-Shi, Kanagawa. (date not known) 

Made radio transmitters and parts from 1903. In 1917 began tube manufacture and in the 1920's was making radios and parts. Merged with Koritsu Denki in 1931 to become Anritsu Denki(Anritsu Electric Corporation).

Founded: 1900
Closed: 1931
Production: 1912 - 1931
Annaka Denki G. K. was established in 1900 mainly for manufacturing and repairing military wireless telecommunications equipment. This was mainly induction coils, spark transmitters, detectors, storage batteries and capacitors. In 1903 the company exhibited a wireless transmitter and a 30 cm fireworks coil at the 5th Japan Industry Promotion exhibition. In 1912 Annaka succeeded in producing the TYK wireless telephone and in 1916 began telegraph service between Toba, Toshijima and Kamijima in Mei Prefecture, using the TYK wireless phone service. In 1924/25 Japan's first radio service was started at Tokyo Radio Station (later renamed NHK). The company began developing transmission technology around 1925 and by 1928 released a 2kW wireless transmitter for ocean going shipping. These were used on ships sailing to Europe and the U.S. The "Amara Maru" was one of the first installations.
Radio became Annaka's major market in the 1920's. They had been manufacturing radio parts' including tubes, as early as 1917 (AAB5, AAB7 and other double ended triodes etc). They also made receivers, headphones and loud speakers. One crystal set located has a most unusual design. There was also a type 258 tube (possibly equivalent to a UV201A) made about 1924 but shortly after this, tube production ceased. It is believed that the reason for this part of the business ending was due to patent infringement. In 1931 the company merged with Koritsu Denki to form Anritsu Denki (Anritsu Electric Corporation). For further history, see Anritsu

This manufacturer was suggested by Berthold Bosch † 13.2.19.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
25 AR-36 201A_Japan  Einröhrengerät der ersten Stunde: zur Inbetriebnahme des ersten japanischen Rundfunksender... 
18 Crystal Set   Adjustable bias for Silicon Detector. Loose coupler. This rare set was in the collection ... 
20 Crystal Receiving Set Type A Cat. No. 19123   Annaka Electrical Instruments Type A Receiving Set. Catalog No. 19123   
20 Crystal Receiving Set Type C Cat. No. 19134   Annaka Electrical Instruments Type C Receiving Set. Catalog No. 19134   
20 Vacuum Bulb Detector Type D Cat. No. 19130   Annaka Electrical Instruments Type D Vacuum Valve Detector. Catalog No. 19130   
20 Long Wave Receiving Set Cat. No. 19135   Annaka Electrical Instruments Long Wave Receiving Set. Catalog No. 19135 Wave Length Ra... 
22 Onde Metre No. 260   Ondemètre 150 - 3200 m (94 kHz - 2 MHz) 


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