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History of the manufacturer  

Gdanskie Zaklady Radiowe

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Name: Gdanskie Zaklady Radiowe    (PL)  
Abbreviation: gdanskrad

Gdanskie Zaklady Radiowe; Radio and TV receiver manufacturer.

Founded: 1957
Closed: 1998
Information from Mr. Krszystof Imielsky, he is member of CS Historical Radioclub. Gdanskie Zaklady Radiowe - Gezar was founded on 1st February 1957 in some old barracks. As a first its product was the channel switch for model Belweder of company Warszawskie Zaklady Telewizyjne. Next year it began the production of complete model. During 60s company produced some professional radio lines for TV transmission between different TV centers. Since 1965 began production of standardized blocks for all Polish TV sets. In 1970 company renamed to Gdanskie Zaklady Elektroniczne Unimor. In 1974 began the production of new tube/transistor generation of TV sets, for example first portable (however with AC supply) TV set Neptun 221, in second half of 70s the complete transistorized sets. First Secam color TV set (Neptun 500 series) was produced in 1981, PAL-Secam type since 1985. On the free market company was successful at the beginning. In 1996 company was splitted to different divisions. The TV set production division was closed in 1998. The last produced TV set model was Sjesta. In the same year made independent company Radio-Com, producer of military electronic systems.

This manufacturer was suggested by Gabriel Toth.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
PL  64/65 Neptun C 1741 PCC84  43-cm-TV with OIRT VHF I/II/III Tuner. 
PL  65 Neptun C 1441 PCC84  35-cm-TV with OIRT VHF I/II/III Tuner. 1-3, 6-12 OIRT Kanale 
PL  66 Zefir 1731 PCC88  43cm 110° TV with OIRT VHF Tuner, some tubes are equipped more than one times. 
PL  67 Fregata AW47-91  43cm TV with 12 channel OIRT VHF I/II/III Tuner, UHF prepared, also AW43-91B Tube mentioned. 
PL  67 Fiord PCC88  12 channels VHF OIRT 
PL  72 Neptun 412 PCC88  Band VHF 12 channels OIRT, UHF available after external converter. Speaker type: GD 10-16... 
PL  63–68 Fala 36-62-2 PCC84  Only VHF for channels 1-12. Modernized version of TV set "Pegaz" - difference in interme... 
PL  66 Atol PCC88  Two loudspeakers: GD 18-13/2 GDW6,5/1,5 Model was produced in two versions: 1966-1969 wit... 
PL  62/63 Pegaz OTG 1411 PCC84  One-channel TV set. Change is possible by switching coils in the VHF section. 
PL  90 Elektronic Key K2216 BD135  Unimor Elektronic Key K2216.Elektronische Morsetaste mit einstellbarer Geschwindigkeit; ei... 
PL  66–70 Alga P-36-66 PCC88  Band VHF 12 channels OIRT, speaker type GD18-13/2KE, 100Hz-8kHz audio bandwidth, dimens... 
PL  58 Neptun II OT-1401 PCC84  Canale audio a 6,5 MHz.