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History of the manufacturer  

Precision Equipment Co., Inc.; Cincinnati, Ohio

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Name: Precision Equipment Co., Inc.; Cincinnati, Ohio    (USA)  
Abbreviation: precisione
Products: Model types

The Precision Equipment Co., Inc.; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA was incorporated June 30, 1919 by Thomas E. New. In mid-1920 it became licensed to manufacture regenerative receivers under Armstrong's patent, and sold them using the "Ace" trade name. Powel Crosley, Jr. purchased Precision Equipment Company in 1922 to be able to produce licensed regenerative receivers which performed better than the Harko receivers his Crosley Manufacturing Company was producing at the time.

The Precision Equipment Company continued to manufacture and sell regenerative radios with the ACE trademark, but the company's old location was closed down in 1922 and the new location was in the same building as Crosley Radio Corp. This lasted until January 1924 when the two companies were combined into the Crosley Radio Corporation. The trade name ACE (and Simplex etc.) was also used by Radio Circular.

Founded: 1919
Closed: 1924
Production: 1919 - 1924

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  23 Two-Stage Audio Amplifier Type AV-2 UV201  Matching Two-Stage Audio Amplifier for the ACE TRU 1-Tube Regenerative Receiver.  
USA  21 One-Stage Amplifier UV201  The Precision Equipment Company Ace 1-Stage Amplifier. Formica front panel mounted in a ma... 
USA  21 C. W. Equipment   The Precision Equipment Company ACE C. W. Equipment Complete transmitter mounted on graine... 
USA  22 ACE Radio Phone Receiving Set Type D1 UV200  Precision Equipment Company ACE Radio Phone Receiving Set. This modified ACE TRU Concert R... 
USA  21 Detector Cabinet Type ATC UV200  The Precision Equipment Co. Type ATC Detector Cabinet was advertised in the November 1921 ... 
USA  20 Bread board Style Type B 2-Step Amplifier UV201  2-Step Audio Amplifier on a bakelite breadboard. 
USA  19/20 Regenerative Tuner Type T.T.   The Precision Equipment Co. Type T. T. Regenerative Tuner covered the wavelength range of ... 
USA  21 Regenerative Tuner Type AVB   The Precision Equipment Co. Type AVB regenerative Tuner was advertised in the November 192... 
USA  20 Bread board Style Type B One-Step Amplifier UV201  One-Step Audio Amplifier on a bakelite breadboard. 
USA  21 Two-Stage Amplifier Type A-2 UV201  The Precision Equipment Co. Type A-2 Two-Stage Amplifier was advertised in the November 19... 
USA  20/21 ACE Regenerative Tuner and Receiver Type TTR UV200  ACE Type TTR Regenerative Receiver tuned 150 - 3000 Meters (according to ad in Radio Ne... 
USA  21 Type AVC Short Wave Rgenerative Receiver [Type AVA Tuner with Type ATC detector in 1 cabinet] UV200  This ACE Type AVC Short Wave Regenerative receiver covers 175-475 Meters. The model Type A... 


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November 1921 Radio News advertisement for Precision Equipment Co.tbn_usa_precision_ace_1921_ad.jpg
November 1921 Radio News advertisementtbn_usa_precision_ace_nov20radnews.jpg
June 1921 The Wireless Age magazine advertisement page 29tbn_usa_precisionequipt_ad_june_1921_wireless_age_page_29.jpg
December 1920 Electrical Merchandising magazine advertisement page 216tbn_usa_precision_equip_dec._1920_electrical_merchandising_page_216.jpg