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History of the manufacturer  

Grant Radio, Ltd., W.W. ; Calgary

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Name: Grant Radio, Ltd., W.W. ; Calgary    (CDN)  
Abbreviation: grant-cdn
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W.W. Grant, Radio Ltd.; Calgary, Alberta, Canada, started it's radio production in 1923 after building a broadcast station in 1921 but the radio production ended on 1927.


William W. Grant was born in Gibraltar in 1892. In 1895 his father was posted to Halifax NS. He joined the Air Board of the Canadian Govt. He became responsible for equipping search aircraft with radio and with building base stations. In 1920 his job located him to Alberta. In about 1921 he obtained a station license and built CFCN, a 50-watt broadcasting station in High River. In the early days of W.W. Grant Radio Ltd, Northern Electric receivers were offered for sale. Until 1924, they were advertising the model R11 in combination with the R15 amplifier. In 1923 they also began the commercial manufacture of broadcast receivers. Eight models have been identified.

The first sets were in mahogany boxes with hard-rubber sloping fron panels and were called the "Grant Perfection". They consisted of three separate boxes strapped together, with UV-201 tubes. A crystal set was also available.

The next year a three tube set called both "The Voice of the Prairie" and the "Grand Superdyne" was constructed in a single box with a vertical black bakelite panel. The Grant company engraved their own panels. Three R-215A peanut tubes protruded through the panel. Several other sets were built.

Finally a 7 peanut tube "Voice of the Prairie Seven" was introduced in an elaborate walnut cabinet. Shortly after its introduction, Canadian Westinghouse won its appeal in the Surpreme Court of Canada, and W. W. Grant Radio Ltd. ceased making broadcast receivers.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CDN  27 Voice of the Prairie 7 215A  Finally a 7 peanut tube superhet was introduced in an elaborate walnut cabinet. Shortly af... 
CDN  23 Voice of the Prairie 3 Tube 215A   
CDN  23 Voice of the Prairie 4 Tube 215A   
CDN  25 Voice of the Prairie 5 Tube 215A   
CDN  25 Voice of the Prairie [4-Tube] 215A  W.W. Grant Voice of the Prairie 4-Tube Receiver