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History of the manufacturer  

RCA Victor (International), Montreal

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Name: RCA Victor (International), Montreal    (CDN)  
Abbreviation: rca-victor
Products: Model types

Cooperation with Canadian General Electric (CGE).


From "Radios of Canada" by Lloyd Swackhammer "The following is a brief history of this US company's entry into Canada. The Berliner Gramophone Company of Montreal, was a franchise holder of the Berliner Company in the US. Berliner then became the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1920, when RCA bought Berliner in the US for $5.1 million, which also included some equity in the Canadian company.

In 1928 RCA increased its financial interest in the Victor Talking Machine Company of Canada, and in 1929 bought it completely. RCA used this license to become a Canadian radio manufacturer, and names slowly changed in Canada. According to the Radio College of Canada circuit diagram sheets, the actual change from Victor Talking Machine Company to RCA Victor seemed to occur, with some overlap, in the 1933-35 model years.

RCA in the US was originally formed to be a patent holding company, and contracted out the manufacture of their radios to the Westinghouse and General Electric companies. They also followed this procedure in Canada, using the Canadian Westinghouse and Canadian General Electric companies. Many times during this era sets were made with identical chassis, except they used different model numbers for GE, Westinghouse and RCA Victor brands.

RCA also used the Victor and Radiola brand names on occasion as well."

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CDN  68 RA-24   The RCA model RA-24 is a 5-transistor table radio. 
CDN  66 Nipper Ten (X) 18FX6A  The RCA-Victor model Nipper Ten is a 5-tube table radio for standard broadcast reception. 
CDN  55 K772D   Uses Astatic N8-3 cartridge. 
CDN  68 RJM-40 2SC668  The RCA model RJM-40 is a portable AM/FM radio. Has earphone jack and DC power jack. 
CDN  68 RJM-45 2SC668  The RCA model RJM-45 is a portable AM/FM radio. Has earphone jack and DC power jack. 
CDN  60 All Wave De Luxe BE360 12BE6  Covers standard broadcast plus 2-6 MHz and 6-18 MHz shortwave. Has eye tube. Made in Japan 
CDN  70 Record Player MSA1141   RCA model MSA1141 modular stereo amplifier with built-in BSR UA47 4-speed record changer. 
CDN  68 RC-23   The RCA model RC-23 is a 5-transistor clock radio. 
CDN  68 RC-27   The RCA model RC-27 is a 5-transistor clock radio. 
CDN  25 C-166 Credenza   "Theatre of the Home". 
CDN  66 RA-17 18FX6A  The RCA-Victor model RA-17 is a 5-tube table radio for standard broadcast reception. 
CDN  66 RC-19 18FX6A  The RCA-Victor model RC-19 is a 5-tube clock radio for standard broadcast reception. 


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