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History of the manufacturer  

Unitra ELTRA; Zaklady Radiowe; Bydgoszcz

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Name: Unitra ELTRA; Zaklady Radiowe; Bydgoszcz    (PL)  
Abbreviation: unitraeltr
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Company Zaklady Radiowe Eltra was found by engineer Mr. Jan Ciszewsky. The company was one of the first Poland electrotechnic company.

Founded: 1923
The company produced on the beginning some switches and commutators. After WW2 nationalization the company was renamed as Bydgoska Fabryka Artykulow Elektrotechnicznych (Plant for electrotechnic material in Bydgoszcz). In 50s the company produced some shassis for tube radios and push button band switches. The basic change in history of company was production of first Polish miniaturized and tranzistorized portable radio model Eltra MOT-59. Later many kind of portable radio models were the company`s general production portfolio, for example Koliber, Sylwia, Kama, Mariola, Jowita, Julia stereo, or some tuner towers for Unitra. Company usually chose woman names for its models. During 70s and 80s the company was a part of Zjednoczenia Przemyslu Elektronicznego Unitra (United electonic industry - Unitra). Later company produced radio model family Lena and Ala. In 2004 company merger with Elda Szczecinek Elektrotechnika S.A. under name Elda-Eltra Elektrotechnika S.A. The company produce beside radio models some electro wiring and communication material for buildings.

This manufacturer was suggested by Gabriel Toth.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
PL  87 Liza R204   Similar model to R-203, different dial scale position only. 
PL  80 Alicja R701   Three FM programmed stations (OIRT standard); LW permenently tuned to Warszawa 1 (227 kHz). 
PL  92 Bogna RM4200   Both FM bands - CCIR and OIRT 
PL  91 Bogna RM413   OIRT FM band (65.5MHz ÷ 74MHz) 
PL  84 Ania R-612 [CCIR]   Export-Ausführung mit CCIR-Norm des Unitra-Eltra Ania R-612 mit Original-Typenbezeichnung ... 
PL  90 R6302 CXA1111  This radio has both FM bands - CCIR and OIRT. 
PL  88 Manuela 3 RMS-818   Exportgerät von RFT DDR Type SDKR2000.  Änderung des UKW- Bandes auf OIR... 
PL  85 Radio Portabe AC/DC TR5512   Radio produced in Poland by Unitra Eltra, but  marked Continental Edison. 
PL  85 Tola R-615 or   
PL  74 Przystawka Stereofoniczna PS-742 BC211  Stereo decoder with ONE power amplifier. It was used with Wanda or Wanda IC radio, conn... 
PL  76 Gran 30   Gitarrenverstärker, Anschluss Gitarre 1 mit Bass- Mitten- Höhenregelung. Gitarre 2 nur Bas... 
PL  60 Koliber MOT59-1 OC44  Das Modell Koliber MOT59-1 ist die erste Version des Koliber, die auf der Leiterplatte ... 


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