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History of the manufacturer  

Amplion (Australasia) Pty Ltd, Camperdown, Sydney

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Name: Amplion (Australasia) Pty Ltd, Camperdown, Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: amplionaus
Products: Model types

Amplion (Australasia) Pty Ltd, Camperdown, Sydney, NSW (OF).


Extract from a newspaper article describing Amplions operations in Australia in 1935.


Amplion gives volume and tone nearly half a century of research and experimental work in the perfecting of electrical loud speaking apparatus of every description has assured the name of Amplion, standing as it does to-day as symbolical of all that is best in the manufacture of loud-speaking apparatus. Amplion (Australasia) Ltd. are the sole .Amplion licensees and distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand for the patent rights and products of the parent factory in England, and are manufacturing speakers for radio receivers in Sydney for Australian listeners. All sizes of speakers for use in receiving sets, from the midget five inch size for use in car radio sets to large 10-inch R typo or dual speakers of this size for the largest console sets are made, but' Amplion also specialise in giant dynamic horn speakers for use with public address systems. Today nearly every home boasts a radio set, but few people realise the great benefits of the use of speakers in halls, theatres, outdoor sports, races, etc., where clear reproduction of voice and music is required at great volume. Science has swept away another of the limitations imposed upon our predecessors by producing "The Larger Voice," whereby a single individual may address each one of assembled multitude in full volume yet natural voice, which can be distinctly heard without effort by every member of a crowd numbering even tens of thousands of persons. Amplons, apart from the manufacture of speakers which are absolutely trouble-free, also specialise in microphones, microphone stands, and all the necessary spares. In addition, they distribute A.D. carbon cells, block(plateless) accumulators, Westinghouse rectifiers, Carter genemotors, Emilcol meters, electric clocks,”Lekmec” coil kits, and Metric battery chargers.

From the “Examiner”, (Tas.), November 16, 1935. From the “Examiner”, (Tas.), November 16, 1935.

This manufacturer was suggested by Georg Richter.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  33 L1   This is a permanent magnet type dynamic speaker. 
AUS  33 N   This is an electro-dynamic speaker used in many Australian radios at the time. 
AUS  34 Q    
AUS  39 VL   Amplion Model VL 12", 20 Watt speaker 
AUS  32 K  
AUS  34 Dual Speakers DQ05   Dual Loudspeaker set supplies with matching transformer depending on output valve type. 


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Cover from the Amplion 1933 Catalogue.tbn_aus_amplion_cat_1933.jpg
Amplion speakers for sale in 1929. From the “Brisbane Courier”,(Qld.), March 1, 1929.tbn_aus_amplion_ad_1929.jpg
Amplion sold Marconi receivers in 1926. From the “Sydney Mail”,(NSW), November 10, 1926tbn_aus_amplion_marconi_ad_1925.jpg