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Viscount; (where?)

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Name: Viscount; (where?)    (J)  
Abbreviation: viscount
Products: Model types

Viscount, Japan. Many transistor radio models. Ref.: Norman Smith Transistor Radios 1954-1968.


This manufacturer was suggested by Peter Hoddow.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
99 Doublet ID = 231871   Viscount AM-FM Pocket Radio Solid State 12 Model 1270. Wrist strap, telescopic antenna. 
99 Doublet ID = 109017   Viscount Pocket AM Radio Venus 6 Model 605.  Alternative model number 6T-300 on back. Lea... 


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Viscount; (where?)
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Viscount = a mystery?
Georg Richter
  1 Hello new world,

it's amazing that old radio manufacturers are better researched than the new ones.

Many "Viscount" models are to find all over the world wide web, but not their manufacturer?

The model  1880

leads a trace to

Consolidated Merchandising Corp.
157 7th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone : (415) 831-6722
It would be very nice if one of our American members could try to contact them to verify a connection.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind Regards
Roy Johnson

Hi Georg and All,

It may be that someone at Consolidated Merchandising remembers the Japanese exporter, but the Company is and was were general importers and exporters.  I remember them from way back!

Even the Japanese exporters were probably not the manufacturer but another export agent.

The real hope would be that a Japanese person remembers making the Viscount badged range.  

Are there any identical models with different badging? That could possibly give a lead. 

Best regards,


Walter Haring
  3 Hi

Look at this ......

Doesn't that look familiar?

It's in a Koyo. I have three different models and all have similar tags in them.

Kind regards, Walter Haring
Roy Johnson

That is interesting Walter,

When I used to repair quite a few radios as a side-line, I remember many almost identical ones with different names and diferent cases.

I believe that some small companies bought in a complete radio board and put it in their own case. 

Also I know that some major companies such as Panasonic manufactured lower specification equipment which they sold under different names.  Presumably so that the good name of the company was maintained whilst enabling them to manufacture in bulk and obtain best prices for common components.

It will be quite difficult to find the history of such cheap, bottom of the market, radios.  However RMorg is probably the best place to start!  Eventually ALL radios will be listed and comparison of circuits and photographs will yield the answer!   If only !

Best regards,



Walter Haring
  5 Hello Roy

Thank you for your intersting answer.

Now it will be interesting, to see pictures of that Viscount 1880 to compare with the Koyo's (that were also marketed under other / different brand names).

Kind regards, Walter
Georg Richter
  6 Indeed,

it seems we look for a needle in a haystack ;-)

The German Kompass B2B register offers

Koyo Denki Kogyo K.K.
5-2-22, Fukushima, Fukushima-Ku
Osaka 553-0003 Osaka
Tel : +81 6 64521341 
Fax : +81 6 64536852
Employees: 21 to 50

as for manufacturing of electronic counters.

I think we will wait for the result of an American member calling the "Consolidated", and for other radios with similar "copy&paste" tag design.

The provisional result of our thread: Viscount is more a brand than a manufacturer.

Much obliged,

The 1880 is to be seen here:
Walter Haring
  7 Hello All


For shure the same origin - wooden case, plastic/chrome front. Differences are one resp. two antennas and the side panels which integrate the handle in my model. But have a look at the pictures here in RM under Koyo - the same (poor) electronics in different cabinets.

Kind regards, Walter
Martin Bösch
  8 Thanks Walter, Roy and Georg,
I remember seeing this kind of sets (as on the picture at Universal Radio) from time to time in online auctions or flea markets,
a short glimpse at our Koyo entries revealed:

It's very good to have this picture gallery feature included. I think, it took a minute, as our Koyo entry has no picture of the complete set.
Hope that helps
Georg Richter
  9 Dear all,

another Koyo named "Polyrad".

Please keep us updated which Koyo Denki is the manufacturer of Koyo radios ;-)

Kind Regards,

Roy Johnson

Dear All,

Try the link below, it lists a large number of BRANDS and related MANUFACTURERS.

Includes Polyrad.

Best regards,


Georg Richter
  11 Roy,

thanks a lot for clicking backwards ... I was totally fixed on Koyo.

The most interesting part of this site is the Also known as department where some other virtual "brands" are figured out.

If some of our members became curious ... here is the main page.

Not that bad result for my very basic question ;-)

Kind Regards
Burkhard Hasselmeier
  12 Hmmm. Just found a box formerly containing ball bearings branded Koyo Denki Kogyo.... Came from a car parts wholesale company.
Viscount; (where?)
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