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History of the manufacturer  

Foster Electric Co. Ltd. (Fostex); Tokyo

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Name: Foster Electric Co. Ltd. (Fostex); Tokyo    (J)  
alternative name:
Fostex Company
Abbreviation: foster
Products: Model types Others

Foster Electric Co. Ltd., 3-2-35 Musashino, Akishima, Tokyo.
Manufacturer of (some) high quality and professional audio equipment.

In 2006 worldwide operating company.

Founded: 1949
Mr.S.Nishimura and Mr.H.Shinohara established Shinano Onkyo Institute in Shibuya, Tokyo to start manufacturing loudspeakers with the brand name "Pearl". In 1953/1959 they renamed to Foster Electric Co., Ltd.;

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
90 Speaker 100K2150   Impedance 4 Ω. Made in Singapore 
84 Multitracker X-15 series II   Multitracker, C-15 Series II, portable, battery/mains operated four track cassette recorde... 
? Tweeter 455155   Impedance 8 Ω. Made in China 
89 Fostex R 8   Fostex R 8 is an 8 Track analog Recorder/Reproducer. 8 channel record, 8 channel reproduce... 
85 Fostex X-18   Fostex X-18 Multitracker. 4-Spur Kassettenrecorder. Pitch-Control. Stromversorgung Batteri... 
83 Fostex X-15   Fostex X-15 Multitracker, 4-Spur Kassettenrecoder, Pitch Control +/- 15%, Mischpult, Dolby... 
70 Infact 12T01-27   Pocket AM Transistor Radio.3" wide by 5 1/4", 23" antenna. 
85 Fostex E-2 [50 Hz]   Semiprofessionelles Tonbandgerät. Geschw.: 19 und 38 cm/s. Halbspur - Stereo. 
90 Multitracker X-28   4-Spur Kassettenrecorder, pitch control. 
80 Multitracker Model 280   Mischpult mit 4-Spur- Kassettenaufnahmegerät. Mischpultteil: 8 Eingänge, davon 4 x fü... 
84 Fostex B-16   Track system: 16-track, 16-channel, stereo/monaural/multi channel system Reel size: up ... 
90 Lautsprecherchassis 128D100   Ovales Breitbandlautsprecherchassis; Impedanz: 8 Ω; Korb: offen, Stahlblech mit 4 Lan... 


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