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History of the manufacturer  

Bezdra - Saffek a Spol; Praha

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Name: Bezdra - Saffek a Spol; Praha    (CS)  
Abbreviation: bezdra

Bezdra - Saffek a Spol., Vyroba Radiofonickych Zarizeni Bezdra; Praha
Radio-Bezdra Praha Zizkov, Kalininova 47.

Founded: 1926
Closed: 1949
The owner of company Bezdra Mr.Ferdinand SAFFEK was born on 2.11.1907 in Prague. In 1930 he went to the France. He worked first in company Jacquet Freres, Vernon, producing electromotors. After half a year he changed his employer to Radio Vitus Pathena (90. rue Damremont, Paris 18). There was a pseudoseries radio manufacturing site. Every monday he got 10 sets of material parts for some models and due to the prepared "Vorrichtungen" he finished the required sets within 4 days. In the same building resided the radiostation "Radio Vitus" and after fusion with "Societe Pathe Cinema" they were transmitting experimental TV castings for receivers with Nipkow disc. He came back to Prague in 1933. He worked then in the company "Radio Havel" as a mechanic, later as a master and designer. In summer 1933 Mr. Saffek bought the company "Bezdra-Nejedly a spol.", founded in 1926. He renamed it to "Bezdra-Saffek a spol.". After half year the company moved to the Seifert street 47-49. (It is a Czech folklore to rename streets with the regimes: Karlova street 1875-1940, Luther street 1940-1945, Karlova street again 1945-1946, Kalininova 1946-1990, Seifert street from 1990)). This company produced permanent magnet loudspeakers for its models, variable condensors, coil sets, switches, transformers, 2+1 tubes radiosets for the amateures, chassis. They were authorized dealer of "Vademecum Electronic" for Middle Europe and in cooperation with the Belgian company "Brans" they published a tube catalogue (in CS, H, A, Yu.In 1937 this company produced a dry cell model "Vltava" with tubes KF1, KC3, KDD1, later AC models 39, 41, 41Special, 47. During the WW2 the production was not interrupted, only once a while came a Wehmacht soldier to test the radios and make a stamp "Reichsbetriebsnummer". Radios usually were delivered to the hospitals. After the war the company was renamed to Radio-Bezdra, but the communistic regime nationalized the company on 5.04.1948. Mr. Saffek worked there one year more as a leader and after the company became extinct after moving to Tesla Hloubetin. Mr. Saffek worked there only 2 months and after this he moved to Tesla Strasnice. In 1951 began the work on the first CS TV receiver model (4001) and he moved to the "Vyzkumny ustav A.S. Popova". He worked on assembling of the chassis of the first prototypes and audio path. In 1953, when the TV production moved to Slowakia, he became leader of about 50 TV servicemen. After 1956 he was declined to be leader (not acceptable background for the communistic regime - he was a small trader in the past), and until 1977 he worked as TV serviceman, after being frequency engineer on TV castings in Prague. He was retired in 1990, in age 83 years!!! In 2004 he was 97years old!

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CS  40/41 Bezdra Special 41 EF12   
CS  46–49 Special 47 [var 1] EF6  Alternative tube set EF6, EL11, AZ11 -> var 2 
CS  46–48 Special 47 [US tubes] 6J7G  Early production using US-tubes (tubes delivered by UNRRA /United Nations Relief and Rehab... 
CS  46–49 Special 47 [var 2] EF6  Alternative tube set EF6, EL3 AZ1 -> var 1. Same circuit diagram. 
CS  27 Duotrola    
CS  37 Vltava KF1   
CS  39 39 KF4   
CS  29 ŠRK-2    
CS  47 Amater 347 [AC] ECH21   
CS  47 Amater 347 [UC] UCH21   
CS  46 Amater 246    


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