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History of the manufacturer  

Australian General Electric (GE Company Australia Ltd., Associated, AGE, Bandmaster, Hotpoint), Sydney

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Name: Australian General Electric (GE Company Australia Ltd., Associated, AGE, Bandmaster, Hotpoint), Sydney    (AUS)  
alternative name:
General Electric Australia || General Electric Company of Australia Ltd.
Brand: AGE, Sydney || Bandmaster || Hotpoint
Abbreviation: austral-ge
Products: Model types

Australian General Electric, or General Electric Company of Australia Ltd.

93 - 95 Clarence Street Sydney, with officers in all states.

BRAND: GE - 1931 to 1934

BRAND: Bandmaster -  1937 on

BRAND: Bandmaster Hotpoint - 1937 on

All radio models between 1931 and the late 1950's were either rebadged or based on AWA models. While the receivers had an AWA chassis the cabinet styling was different to the AWA models. 

Founded: 1920

Australian General Electric Ltd. was owned jointly by General Electric (USA) and Associated Electrical Industries (UK). In the early years, radio sets sold by Australian General Electric (AGE) were made by AWA and carried the label "Bandmaster", later sets from Australian General Electric were sold as "Hotpoint".
Later the company was known as Australian Electrical Industries.

Later because of US anti-trust legislation, GE (USA) had to withdraw from Australia. AGE was then fully owned by Associated Electric Industries (AEI) UK. Another branch of AEI, the UK-based Ediswan-EKCO erected a production plant for radios and TV at Villawood, Sydney, but Ediswan-EKCO (aust) Pty Ltd. closed down in the years following introduction of television in Australia.

This manufacturer was suggested by Martin Bösch.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  41–45 Hotpoint D65ME 6A8G  For the Model D65ME, 5 Valve, AC powered, Superheterodyne, released in February 1941.... 
AUS  48 Hotpoint-Bandmaster Q55DV (Q55DM) 1R5  See also vibrator version of AWA Radiola Model 515M. 
AUS  48 Hotpoint-Bandmaster N55DGX 6J8G  Automatic record changer version of model N55DG. See also AWA Radiola Model 801GZ. 
AUS  48 Hotpoint-Bandmaster C45DEX 6J8G  See also AWA Radiola Model 715CZ. 
AUS  47 Hotpoint-Bandmaster F64MVY 1A7GT  Uses the same chassis as AWA Radiolette Model 507MY. 
AUS  47 Hotpoint-Band-Master B45DM [B45DV] 1A7GT  4 volt vibrator version of AWA Radiola model 713C. See also dry battery & 4 volt ac... 
AUS  47 Hotpoint Band-Master B45DM [B45DB] 1A7GT  4 volt accumulator version of AWA Radiola model 713C. See also dry battery & 4 volt... 
AUS  99/99 Doublet to #186779    
AUS  47/48 Hotpoint Band-Master M55SV 1M5G  7-Band All-Wave vibrator/battery table radio. See also AWA model 612T. 
AUS  99/99 Doublet to #309467 & 186781    
AUS  47/48 Hotpoint Band-master K55DM [K55DB] 1A7GT  A 4 volt accumulator is used for the L.T. Also available dry battery & vibrator ver... 
AUS  47/48 Hotpoint Band-master K55DM [K55DV] 1A7GT  This model is powered by a 4 volt accumulator using a synchronous vibrator power unit. ... 


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Advertisement from The Sun ( NSW) 8 May 1934, Page 14 announcing the 1934 range of radios with the new Aeroplane-type Dial.tbn_aus_age_ad_sun_8_may_1934_page_14.jpg
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