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History of the manufacturer  

Radiotechna, spol. s r. o., Praha-Prelouc

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Name: Radiotechna, spol. s r. o., Praha-Prelouc    (CS)  
alternative name:
Kresl & spol, CS
Brand: Telefunken Praha
Abbreviation: radiotechn

Radiotechna, spol.s r.o.,Praha-Prelouc

Fouded Dec.15.1920 as J. V. Myslik-Hyrsovsky a spol. In 1925 changed name to Radio Zenit. In 1928 SIEMENS-HALSKE bought 49% of shares and company name was then changed to RADIOTECHNA and start production under TELEFUNKEN license. T40W was the 1st model produced in Prelouc. Since early thirties their makes bear the sign SYSTEM TELEFUNKEN. After the WW II the company continued as TESLA, National Enterprise until mid nineties.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CS  34/35 Koncert Dual RENS1284   
CS  36/37 Virtuos AF7   
CS  37/38 Viola AF7   
CS  38/39 Rio VF7   
CS  39/40 Polo EF12  Skalenscheibe aus Glas mit nicht wischfestem Aufdruck hinter der Glasscheibe. LS mit Felds... 
CS  34/35 Koncert Dual Special RENS1284   
CS  34/35 Koncert Trial REN904   
CS  34/35 Koncert Super AK1   
CS  35/36 Trio Koncert System Telefunken AC2   
CS  35/36 Gala Koncert AF3   
CS  35/36 Gala Universal CF3   
CS  35/36 Grand Koncert (Concert) AH1  Zeiger-Abstimmhilfe. Lizenzfertigung Telefunken. 


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