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History of the manufacturer  

Lavoie Laboratories; Morganville (NJ)

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Name: Lavoie Laboratories; Morganville (NJ)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: lavoie
Products: Model types

Small defence contractor founded by Steve Lavoie. They started around 1942 in Long Branch, NJ and moved to a blacksmith shop, in Morganville, near Marlboro, NJ. A picture of their shop, with the sign still visible, can be found on the site dedicated to historic preservation in New Jersey (URL: Still operating in 1965. Now gone forever.

Founded: 1942

This manufacturer was suggested by Emilio Ciardiello.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  64 Plug-in preamplifier LA-265-CA 6AK5  Dual trace, DC to 24 MHz, 15 ns plug-in preamplifier. Second source for Tektronix CA. 
USA  64 Oscilloscope LA-265A 5642  The LA-265A is a mainframe oscilloscope with DC to 30 MHz bandpass and 12 ns risetime. Rem... 
USA  62 LA-70A Frequency Meter   Intended to monitor the frequency tolerance of fixed stations, the LA-70A frequency meter ... 
USA  60 LA-71 Deviation Meter   The LA-71 Deviation Meter, also used with the LA-70A Frequency Meter, gave an accurate mea... 
USA  62 LA-593 Pulse Generator   Thw LA-593 was a versatile double-pulse generator, intended to test netwoerk and delay lin... 
USA  62 LA-90 Frequency Standard   The LA-90 generated six standard output frequencies, starting from a 5 MHz reference oscil... 
USA  62 LA-800D WWV Frequency Comparator   LA-800D provided a continuous monitoring of local frequency standards against 5 MHz or 15 ... 
USA  62 LA-270 Oscilloscope   LA-270 was a rugged, militarized mainframe oscilloscope, giving high sensitivity, 0.05V/cm... 
USA  62 S-70 Amplifier Plug-in   S-70 was a high sensitivity, single channel vertical amplifier plug-in for the LA-270 main... 
USA  62 D-70 Dual Trace Pre-Ampl Plug-in   D-70 was the dual channel pre-amplifier plug-in for the LA-270 maiframe oscilloscope. 
USA  62 LA-80 Electronic Counter   10MHz electronic counter, using beam switching tubes and directly coupled nixie readout. T... 
USA  62 LA-901B Time Interval Plug-in   LA-901B was the time interval plug-in unit designed for the LA-80 electronic counter. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

The old blacksmith shop in Morganville, NJ, where Lavoie started in 1942. The big sign, half covered by wild shrubs, is the only trace that still recalls this very smart manufacturer.tbn_usa_lavoie_shop.jpg
Very early ad with the early address.tbn_lavoie_ad_1942.jpg