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History of the manufacturer  

Inno-Hit (Innohit)

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Name: Inno-Hit (Innohit)    (I)  
Abbreviation: innohit
Products: Model types

This was a Hitachi budget brand designed for customer electronics market in Italy, established after a joint venture between Elektromarket Innovazione - Milan and Hitachi (which developed the products).


This manufacturer was suggested by Alessandro De Poi.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
70–73 Solid State AM (pocket radio)    
85 Video Cassette Player SV-019 2SC3605  Lettore di videocassette VHS, con uscita in Radio Frequenza (UHF), oppure con segnali audi... 
85–90 RR-618    
80 CB-292   Crystal controlled 22 channels 27 MHz "Citizen band" transceiver. 
85 AM/FM Push Button Stereo Car Radio AU-258   Potenza : 7 + 7 W max - commutatore stereo/mono - 3 stazioni Fm preset - 2 stazioni AM... 
70 AM Pocket Radio De Luxe unknown_tr  Made in Hongkong  
78 RR-623   Built-in microphone, automatic stop, tape counter, switch tape/radio. Sockets for micropho... 
81 TV-5 140ANB4  Gamme d'onda VHF e UHF. CRT b/n da 5 pollici tipo 140ANB4 (Samsung) 
70 Miniradio AIE-741   Ricevitore portatile a transistor detto anche "rasoio" per la sua particolare forma. 
81 RT417   CB- Funkgerät, 6 Kanäle einzeln bequarzt. 
70 Solid State AM-FM Digital Clock SE-2301   Orologio elettromeccanico. Vedere anche Strauss SE-2301. Made in Korea  
80 AM/FM Radio 2SC930  Wave range: FM 88 - 108 MHz, AM 535 - 1605 kHz. Made in Hong Kong.