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History of the manufacturer  

Freed-Eisemann Radio Corp.; New York, NY

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Name: Freed-Eisemann Radio Corp.; New York, NY    (USA)  
Abbreviation: freed-eise
Products: Model types

This manufacturer page will consolidate all USA Freed and Freed-Eisemann branded companies here for clarity.  All models associated with these companies should be listed under this manufacturer page.

Radio Manufacturing Company
Executive Offices, 156 Fifth Ave., New York, NY (1921)
Offices and Sales Dept., 170 Fifth Ave., New York, NY (1921)

Freed-Eisemann Radio Corporation
255 Fourth Avenue, New York (Brooklyn), NY (1921-1923)
Sperry Building, Manhattan Bridge Plaza, Brooklyn, NY (1923-1929)

Freed Television and Radio Corporation
22 Wilbur Ave., Long Island City (New York City), NY (1931-1940?)

Freed Manufacturing Co., Inc.
44 West 18th St., New York, NY (1937-1940?)

Freed Radio Corporation
200 Hudson St., New York, NY (1940-1948?)

Freed Electronics and Controls Corporation
200 Hudson St., New York, NY  (1948?-1955?)

Manufacturers of radios, speakers, power units, and televisions.  Also produced models in the 1930's for Macy's and Bambergers department stores.

Founded: 1921
Production: 1921 - 1955

In mid-1921, Joseph David Roth Freed founded the Radio Manufacturing Company, which manufactured a hot-selling crystal radio set named Marvel.  Sales were so strong, that he needed capital to expand and merged in January 1922 with his brother Arthur's employer, Alexander Eisemann, to form the Freed-Eisemann Radio Corporation

Sales had the usual ups and downs throughout the 1920's and the company went into receivership in December 1929, at the beginning of The Great Depression.

In May 1931, Arthur formed another company, Freed Television and Radio Corporation, and kept the Freed-Eisemann brand.  Later, circa 1937, the Freed Manufacturing Co., Inc. is seen on some models and shortly after, in 1940, the corporation became the Freed Radio Corporation.  Sometime late in the 1940's, the Freed Electronics and Controls Corporation was formed.

The last SAMS Photofact Freed-Eisemann model found was dated 1955.

Tubes branded Freed-Eisemann were made for the company in 1932.  Length of production time not known.

Note that there is no affiliation with the Eisemann Magneto Corporation

Freed-Eisemann Radio of Great Britain Ltd. was registered in 1926.


1. Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's Vol. 2, 1995 Second Printing, by Alan Douglas, pages 1-20.
2. SAMS Photofact Set 269, Folder 6, March 1955 (model 717, 750).

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  23/24 NR-5 UV201A  The Freed Eisemann NR-5 is a battery operated 5 tube BC band receiver. It was the first Ne... 
USA  26 10   Three dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  22 105 Marvel   Box. Complete outfit including a 1000 ohm single receiver headset 10.- USD; with a 2000 oh... 
USA  32 120 58  Radio Collector's Guide 1921-1932 indicates "11" tubes but only lists 9 tubes ... 
USA  27 130   One dial (primary tuning control knob) 
USA  37 27-D 6A7  Two rectifiers in parallel.5(!) ballasts make an additional 5 tubes. It was called a 12 tu... 
USA  26 30 UX201A  Probably same as model NR30. Two dials (primary tuning control knobs) 
USA  37 30-D 6A7  Four(!) ballast tubes (three K18B and one MT-650) are used. Three K18B ballast tubes drop ... 
USA  33 346-4 Compact 78  Canvas Board. 
USA  23 350 [TRF kit]   Not to be confused with kit model 350 of 1933 by Freed Television. Three dials (primary tu... 
USA  35 351 6D6  BC only. 
USA  35 351-L 6D6  Long wave version. 


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