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History of the manufacturer  

Freed-Eisemann Radio Corporation; New York (Brooklyn), NY

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Name: Freed-Eisemann Radio Corporation; New York (Brooklyn), NY    (USA)  
Abbreviation: freed-eise

Freed-Eisemann Radio Corp.; 255 Fourth Avenue, New York - Trade names Freed, Freed-Eisemann, Fireside. After receivership 1929 an other company was formed: the Freed Television and Radio Corporation (see there), which in 1940 became the Freed Radio Corporation.
See also "Eisemann Magneto Corporation", which has nothing to do with the company here.

Founded: 1921
Production: 1921 - 1929

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  46–53 Educator CH 155 A, C 6AG5  These sets were sold to schools for use in classrooms. 
USA  35 469    
USA  35 367    
USA  34 346    
USA  33 72    
USA  33 unknown Cathedral [4 tubes]    
USA  32 FE98    
USA  32 FE97   DC-model. 
USA  34 360    
USA  33 96    
USA  24/25 Speaker Console FE-150   According to the Dealer Catalog 1924 this matches model NR-20 perfectly. One side is fo... 
USA  41/42 71   Freed-Eisemann's 71 has 15 tubes, plays up to 12 records, has space for eight albums, tune... 


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Advert ~1920'stbn_us_freedeisemann_192x_advert.jpg
March 1924 QST magazine advertisement page 79tbn_usa_freedeis_kd50_ad_mar24qst180k.jpg
January 1922 Radio News magazine advertisement page 646tbn_usa_freed_marvel_ad_jan22radnews.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing March 1947 page 78.tbn_rr_mar47_p78.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing June 1927 page 164.tbn_rr_june27_p164_ad_freed_eisemann~~1.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing June 1927 page 165.tbn_rr_june27_p165_ad_freed_eisemann.jpg
Emblem an einem Radio um 1934 , eigenes Gerät und Bildtbn_us_f_e_emblem.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing October 1928 page 32.tbn_rr_october28_ad_freed_eisemann_p32.jpg
1925 adtbn_usa_freed_eisemann_1925_ad.jpg