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SBR Société Belge Radio-Electrique, Bruxelles

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Name: SBR Société Belge Radio-Electrique, Bruxelles    (B)  
Abbreviation: sbr
Products: Model types

SBR Societe Belge Radioeléctrique (Soc. Anonyme); Bruxelles (Brüssel). Die Firma startet 1922 mit der Radioproduktion. Sie entwickelt sich zum grössten Radiohersteller in Belgien.


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
24 Ondolina [1924 - 2nd gen.] TM  The early Ondolina desk models were built in the period 1923-1927 and can be characterized... 
48 3653A ECH4   
53 P19 12AT7  2 Oval loudspeakers: 1 of 26 x 16 cm and 1 of 16 x 10 cm. 
34/35 Ondolinette 355U 6C6   
34/35 Ondolinette 355A 6C6   
28 Ondolina 28 [2nd gen.] A425  This is the first SBR radio where the tubes are not visible on the outside.The retail pric... 
28–30 Ondolina 5 (V) A415  With 4 Volt tubes 3 x A415 , 2 x  D404  or with 6 Volt tubes: 3 x HL610, ... 
50 359A [US type tubes] 6SA7   
50 359A [E-series tubes] ECH41   
38/39 Super Ondolina 339A 6A7   
38/39 Super Ondolina 339U 6A7   
38/39 Super Ondolina 393A 6A7   


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SBR Société Belge Radio-Electrique, Bruxelles
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SBR history
Karel Van Doorslaer

SBR was founded around 1921/22 and was based at Forest Brussels.In fact they also founded the first belgium Radiostation:Radio Belgique.The main reason was to sell more radiosets...It was a very "social" factory.They organised vacations,medecine services and clothes distributio for the employees.SBR had is own research and test labos.By '36 they produced over 500 radios a day...!After WW2 only the SBR name leftover.In fact they brought Philips-products on the market with the SBR-logo at the fifties.




Domenico Cramarossa

hallo Karel, vor kurzer Zeit habe ich ein Paar Militärgeräte der Firma SBR erworben, voraussichtlich aus der Kriegszeit. Bei beiden Gehäusen ist ein Schilderchen angebracht, wo das Modell angegeben ist: Modell EROCAE, Seriennr. 5 (!!). Darf ich Sie fragen, ob Sie eine Ahnung haben, um was es sich handelt oder mindestens bei wem ich mehrere Auskünfte darüber finden kann? Anbei ein Paar Bilder. Falls notwendig, kann ich Ihnen weitere Bilder zukommen lassen. Vielen Dank, mfG

D. Cramarossa




Ernst Erb

Dear Karel
I just happen to see your interesting article from November 2003 about SBR. Thank you for your information.

As I have written in "Radios von gestern" (A book in format A4 with 456 pages) on page 49: In the King's premises near the Castle in Laeken there was a regular broadcasting in 1913 until the beginning of WW1. There were regular concerts for the public which where announced in the newspapers. Two Radio Amateurs, Raymond Braillard, a French Engineer and the Belgique Robert Goldschmidt had set it up. They used a 2 kW arc transmitter (Lichtbogensender) and a water cooled carbon microphone. At that time the microphone had to be in the main circuit! On date 19th August 1914 the sender has been put on an Automobile for the Belgian Armed Forces. Some papers write about Saturday-Concerts.

An other early broadcasting station in Europe: It was in 1919 when Idzerda offered with his station PCGG in The Netherlands (Holland) regular concerts (See Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant at that time).

On Page 177 I write that SBR ("La Société Belge de Radio-Electricité SA" was at that time the name) had begun in 1st November 1923 with a regular Broadcasting - with 1.5 kW. In 1924 the station was called "Radio Belgique", then sending from Haren near Brussels with 5 kW on 435 m.

Karel Van Doorslaer


Hallo Domenico,

I dont know those models. I have send some pictures to a friend of mine who has a SBRmuseum.

His site is : het" eeuwfeestpaleisje". perhaps you can send him some more pictures. i am sure  he can help you.


Kind regards   Karel

Domenico Cramarossa

hi Karel, many thanks for your help! Best regards


SBR Société Belge Radio-Electrique, Bruxelles
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