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History of the manufacturer  

Philips Elec. Ind. of N.Z Ltd

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Name: Philips Elec. Ind. of N.Z Ltd    (NZ)  
Abbreviation: philnz
Products: Model types

Philips Elec. Ind. of N.Z. Ltd was the New Zealand branch of Philips Netherland.

Founded: 1927
Production: 1936 -
The history of Philips in New Zealand began in 1927 with Philips Lamps (N.Z.) Ltd opening a branch in Wellington. Soon batterie eliminators and chargers were sold among other radio parts. First radio model to be imported by Philips was the Model 2515 in the year 1929. In 1934 the first Philips New Zealand models emerged (produced under licence by Radio Corp. N.Z In 1936 a small manufacturing plant was set up in Wellington and Philips began to produce there own radios (models 042 and 152 being one of the first)

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Thiel.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
NZ  58 L3Z74T   Philips L3Z74T;See also some European models of the same era like L3X72T, L3X78T and L3LN7... 
NZ  59 Plano B5Z97A ECH81  Philips Plano B5Z97A is a New Zealand model. Stereophonic audio amplifier for gramophone p... 
NZ  56 BZ367A ECH81  Philips BZ367A; Ext. antenna in, screw terminals for phono-in, ext. speaker, built-in fer... 
NZ  49 Radioplayer BZ226A ECH42  Philips BZ226A Radioplayer; 45 W power consumption, most probably made by Philips New Zea... 
NZ  58 L3Z73T   Philips L3Z73T; Made in New Zealand by Philips Electrical Industries.See also the Europea... 
NZ  57 B3Z75U UCH81   
NZ  48 208 ECH42  Philips New Zealand model 208.  
NZ  55 BZ366A ECH80   
NZ  46 596 6K7   
NZ  38 642 EF9   
NZ  56 B4Z69A ECH81  This appears to be the New Zealand version of the Philips B4X69A.Has Bass / Treble control... 
NZ  56 BZ267U   SW: 5.7...16 MHz.