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AFA, Atelier Flesch; Arad

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Name: AFA, Atelier Flesch; Arad    (RO)  
Abbreviation: afa
Products: Model types Others

AFA Atelier Flesch Arad
Str. Moise Nicoara 1, Arad

Radio and spare part production.

Founded: 1935
Closed: 1945
Production: 1936 - 1942

Established in the mid 1930's and closed by force in 1945. They produced several types from regenerative to superheterodyne radios, also batteries and AC power supplies, table and portable models as well as spare parts.

The models are named Admira followed by the word Super, then a letter S, US, BS, DA, DU or DB (S = Super, U = Universal supply, B = Battery supply, D = Direct 2+1 or 3+1 regenerative?). There are no serial numbers on the sets.

The yearly production was ca. 500 items and in 3-4 years of manufacturing they could produce at least 2000 radios. We are told the radios were packed up to three pieces together in a wooden box and delivered even as far as to Constanta near the Black Sea, which is ca.700 km from Arad.

Due to the war time all the imports were stopped and the company survived by producing spare parts like transformers, connectors, sockets, resistors, coils, nuts and bolts, capacitors (fixed and variable), battery chargers etc. (see the catalog).

This manufacturer was suggested by Francisc VISKY.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
RO  37/38 Admira Super S AK2   
RO  38/39 Admira SB KK2   


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AFA, Atelier Flesch; Arad
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A small manufacturer AFA
Francisc VISKY
  1 I found out, buy chance, a small radio manufacturer here in ARAD, Romania. I have had lucky to speak with the last worker from that  that company. He is 76 or so, old but in very good shape. He told me about the factory and he gave me a  catalog and a few pages from an other catalog from the same factory. The name of that "company" is AFA which stands for: Atelier Flesch Arad.
It was established in the mid of 1930's and closed by force in 1945. It produced several types from  regenerative to superheterodyne  types of radios, for batteries and AC supply too as well as table or portable types, also spare parts. The model name is ADMIRA followed by the word Super, than a letter S, US, BS, DA, DU or DB.
U-Universal supply
B-Battery supply
D-Direct 2+1 or 3+1 regenerative (I guess)
I have four radios but only one with cabinet.
The yearly production it was +-500 items and in 3-4 manufacturing years the could produce at least 2000 radios. As man told me they packed the radios in one two or three of them in a wooden box. Sending delivering even to Constanta which +- 700 km from Arad near the black see!
So, can I introduce this manufacturer as a new set maker? Or the Admira's can be treated as new models? Please look at the pictures attached and decide:


Roy Johnson

Yes Francisc, please propose the New Manufacturer.

On the Home Page click "Create New Entries" , then  click "Upload New Manufacturer" and fill in the details on the form.    More guidance is given by clicking the blue buttons.

You already have plenty of information to contribute to the Company's history and location.  Once this is approved by the Admins they will email you to advise that it is now entered,  then you can add the models.

Regards,  Roy

AFA, Atelier Flesch; Arad
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