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History of the manufacturer  

CONRAD, Construtora Radio Electrica, Lda. Lourenco Marques, Mozambique

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Name: CONRAD, Construtora Radio Electrica, Lda. Lourenco Marques, Mozambique    (MOC)  
Abbreviation: conrad
Products: Model types

CONRAD - Construtora Radio Electrica, Lda. Its main building was located near to the international airport at Av. de Angola, Nr.2696, CP 4027, Lourenco Marques, Mozambique.

CONRAD core businesses: Electronics Manufacturing plant and Telecommunications services.

CONRAD had a large Portuguese military army contract to build and support RACAL and STORNO communications equipment under license of South Africa RACAL subsidiary company.

CONRAD also had a license from Matsushita to manufacture National Panasonic Radios.

Founded: 1963
Closed: 1977
Production: 1963 - 1977
Mr. Ferreira was one of the CONRAD founders, developing a critical business company operating in Mozambique in the 60's and 70's, helping improving the country communications by manufacturing telecommunications equipment for military and civil usage under licenses from RACAL and STORNO. CONRAD also developed the consumer electronics area by offering Matsushita National equipment assembled locally in the plant as well. In the later years just after Mozambique independence in 1975, Mr. Ferreira was forced to leave the country as result of the new political/economic trend coming from USSR, resulting in the declining of the company's business. In the last year of production (1977), the main building at Av. de Angola was using the ground floor for office operations on the left side and had the wiring machines and metal/wood machining on the right side; the 1st floor had the National manufacturing plant on the left side, managed by Mr. Silva, and the RACAL/STORNO telecommunication services on the right side, managed by Mr. Mesquita. In 1977, Mozambique Ministry of Industry and Trade decided create an administrative committee to manage all the 12 electronics companies operating in Mozambique at the time, including CONRAD, and had suspended all elements of the previous managements. These 12 companies were merged to create a new nationalized company called ELECTROMOC that was managed initially by a Soviet comrade called Mr. Schugurensky; the company has extended business with new equipment offerings from GDR (German Democratic Republic) among others, before the company extinction in the late 90's.

This manufacturer was suggested by Jose Duarte Costa.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
MOC  70 National Panasonic R-330Y 2SA70  Made at CONRAD - Construtora Radio Electrica, Lda manufacturing plant in Lourenco Marqu... 
MOC  60 National Panasonic R-104 2SA102  Model made in the old Portuguese colony of Mozambique, under licence of Matsushita. See... 
MOC  63 National Panasonic R-1037 [Mozambique] 2SA102  Made in the old Portuguese colony of Mozambique, under license of Matsushita. See also Nat... 
MOC  99 Duplicated model with ID = 281345    


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CONRAD official logo used in letters and ID's cards.tbn_mz_conrad_1977_logo.jpg
CONRAD employee ID card.tbn_mz_conrad_1977_idcard.jpg
CONRAD - Construtora Radio Electrica in LM, Mozambique: Phone Book white pages from 1974 a few months away of Mozambique independence.tbn_mz_conrad_1974_phone_book.jpg
The last months of CONRAD electronics team (1977). From left to right: Teixeira, Silva and another guy, all working at the National manufacturing plant; followed by Mesquita and Luis Sambo, as part of the RACAL/STORNO Telecommunications services.tbn_mz_conrad_1977_racal_team.jpg