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History of the manufacturer  

Hy-Gain Electronics Corporation; Lincoln (NE)

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Name: Hy-Gain Electronics Corporation; Lincoln (NE)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: hygain
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Hy-Gain Electronics Corporation, N.E. Highway 6 at Stevens Creek, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501. Manufacturer of CB radio equipment and antennas since the 1960ies. Now a part of MFJ Enterprises, Starkville, MS.

In 2007 still activ company see (operated by MFJ)
Andrew A. Andros, W0LTE, SK: The co-founder of Hy-Gain, Andrew "Andy" Andros, W0LTE, of Houston, Texas, died January 23 2001. He was 76. Andy and his brother, Ted, W0URN, founded Hy-Gain Electronics in 1949 with $6, their dad's ladder and Ted's car. Andy Andros designed the company's TH-3 triband trap beam, which became an instant success. A succession of multiband beams and verticals followed. The Hy-Gain LP-13-30 log periodic antenna, designed for MARS and installed at military locations worldwide, also found its way to the rooftop of many embassies. At its height, Hy-Gain, which was headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, was a multi-million dollar corporation employing thousands. Hy-Gain, which had been owned by Telex, was purchased in 1999 by MFJ Enterprises.--Ted Andros, W0URN, The Houston Chronicle.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  78 Hy-Gain III 2703   Hy-Gain III Model 2703 Citizens Band Tranceiver, PLL-Synthesizer, Frequency Range 26.... 
USA  77 Handmaster 40   CB-Handfunkgerät 
USA  79 Hy-Gain V 120Ch SSB Transceiver 2795DX   Hy-Gain V 120 Ch SSB Transceiver, PLL (Phase locked loop). Frequency range from 26,965 to... 
USA  73 Cubical Quad Antenna Hy-Quad 244   Heavy swaged aluminium tubing spreaders; two elements tri-band quad designed to operate on... 
USA  73 Omnidirectional Vertical Antenna 18AVT/WB   Heavy swaged aluminium tubing; self supporting vertical radiator designed to operate in 80... 
USA  79 Handheld Dynamic Microphone 2795   Impedance 500 Ohms; 6-pole connector; incorporated press-to-talk switch. 
USA  70 Hand Held VHF Transceiver 3806   144 - 148 Narrow Band FM Crystal Controlled Amateur Transceiver. Built in Telescopic W... 
USA  70 Controller for Antenna Rotor 300   Commande de rotation d'antenne 
USA  99 AR-303X Automatic Antenna Rotator   The Hi-Gain Electronics AR-303X is an AC operated automatic Antenna Rotator. 
USA  62 Half-Wave Doublet Antenna 2BDT   The HyGain antenna "2BDT" was the standard 2-band combination dipole for the 80- a... 
USA  79 Monoband Beam Antenna 205BA "Long John"   Five-element "Yagi" type antenna for 20 meter frequency range. 


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From “Radio Rivista” official organ of "ARI Amat. Radio Assoc." of Italy, number 12, December 1977.tbn_us_hy_gain_adv.jpg


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