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History of the manufacturer  

Signal Electric Mfg. Co.; Menominee (MI)

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Name: Signal Electric Mfg. Co.; Menominee (MI)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: signalelec
Products: Model types

Signal Electric Manufacturing Company, Menominee, Michigan (1919). Founded as Menominee Electric and Mechanical company, since ~1904 they also produced wireless radio equipment.

Founded: 1892
Menominee Plant History from the Menominee County Historical Society records.
1892 Menominee Electrical and Mechanical Company is founded. Products: Crank telephone generators, telephones and switch boards. 1904
Original plant burns operations are temporarily moved to Marinette, Wisconsin.
New plant opens at present site. Product line is expanded to include Telegraph Instruments and Wireless Radio devices.
Menominee Electric Co. is reorganized and renamed the Signal Electric Manufacturing Co. Products: Bells, Wireless Radio Instruments, Medical Batteries, Telegraph Instruments, small electric motors, fans, portable electric hand tools.
Note: Space in building is shared with another company until 1921.
North wing is built and expanded.
South wing is built. It was then called the Central Wing.
King-Seeley Thermos Co. purchases the Signal Electric Manufacturing Co.
Products: Fans, heaters, small portable electric hand tools and small electric motors.
Central Wing and Receiving are built.
June 1st, 1964
King-Seeley Thermos announces it will close the Signal Electric Division in Menominee, Michigan.
Oct. 30th, 1964
The Vernco Corporation of Tennessee agrees to purchase the Signal Electric Division from the King-Seeley Thermos Co.
November 1964
The Vernco Corporation of Tennessee -Menominee Division begins operations. Products: Electric motors for humidifiers and fans, filters for air conditioning units and automotive parts.
First utility vacs are made. First plastic injection moulding machine delivered at Menominee. During the period when Gil Audrette was Plant Manager the first Quality Manual was developed. Gil developed most of the manual and on January 5th, 1972 Tom Schenk was appointed Quality Control Manager.
Current warehouse location constructed at 13th location.
Additional product lines introduced. Hair clippers, Roto tools, Engravers, Solder guns, converters for shavers.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  21 Standard Galena No.41   One knob for cat whisker, one knob to control spring presure. Original price $1.50. 
USA  17–21 Navy Type Loose Coupler Type R-21   Fixed coil with 3 rotary tap controls, slide coil with 12 selectable positions, 4 connecti... 
USA  24 Headphones   2000 Ohms. 
USA  39 Signal Learner Telegraph Set   Aluminium sounding bar with black laquered steel sounder plate, model M110. Key lever n... 
USA  22 Crystal Receiver Type 110   The Signal Crystal Detector Type 110 covered the 150-600 meter wavelengths. The range coul... 
USA  22 Signal Junior Detector V.T. Detector Set UV200  The Signal Junior Detector is a complete V. T. Detector Set. It was designed to be used wi... 
USA  20 Loose Coupled Receiving Transformer R32 [(Short Wave)]   Signal R32 Short Wave Receiving Transformer It is designed for use on amateur aerials of ... 
USA  22 Short Wave Tuner R-37C   Signal Electric Short Wave Tuner; No specifications were alluded to in this advertisement,... 
USA  21 Vacuum Tube Control Cabinet R-80 VT-Class-I  The Signal Crystal Vacuum Tube Control Panel Type R-80 was a companion to the R-37 Short W... 
USA  21 Primary Series Condenser R-44   The Signal Type R-44 Primary Series Condenser equipped with a dial with a wavelength scale... 
USA  20 Arlington Receiving Transformer R-22   The Signal Arlington Receiving Transformer covered the long wavelengths of the NAA Arlingt... 
USA  22 Detector and One Stage Amplifier UV200  Signal Electric Mfg. Co. Combination Detector and One Stage Amplifier 


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