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History of the manufacturer  

Philips; Calcutta

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Name: Philips; Calcutta    (IND)  
Abbreviation: philips
Products: Model types

Philips started operations in India at Kolkata (Calcutta) in 1930. Established as "Philips Electrical Co. (India) Pvt Ltd", the company comprised a staff of 75 and was a sales outlet for Philips lamps imported from overseas. In keeping with the Philips philosophy of promoting the industrial development of emerging economies, Philips India set up its first Indian lamp-manufacturing factory in 1938 in Kolkata. Quelle:

Subsequently, Philips decided to produce radio receivers in India to make this product readily and widely available to the Indian consumer. In 1948, after the Second World War, Philips started manufacturing radios in Kolkata. The first valve-based Philips set was well received by the consumers. This was a major turning point for Philips India, and marked the beginning of the company's subsequent growth in the world of electronics.

Founded: 1930
Production: 1948 -
In 1957, the company is converted into a public limited company, renamed "Philips India Ltd" and in 1959, a second radio factory is established near Pune. In 1963, Philips invents the compact audio tape cassette and sets a global standard for tape recording that has never been altered since. India gets exposed to this Philips invention. In 1965 (3 April), the millionth Philips radio is manufactured in India. In the same year Philips pioneers the concept of son-et-lumiere shows in India with the installation of such a lighting and electro-acoustic system at the Red Fort in Delhi. In 1970 a new consumer electronics factory is started in Pimpri near Pune. Come 1982, Philips brings colour television transmission to India with the supply of four outdoor broadcast vans to Doordarshan during the IX Asian Games. The company also completes a prestigious turnkey project by handling the lighting and electro-acoustic installations of stadia built specially for the IX Asian Games. In 1983, Philips launches the Compact Disc and revolutionizes the way the world listens to music. Quelle: Philips India website.
In 1985, Philips inaugurates its consumer electronics factory at Salt Lake, Kolkata. 1993 sees Philips launching its domestic appliance business in India and in 1995 Philips introduces compact fluorescent lamps into the country. In 1996, the Philips Software Centre is established in Bangalore. In 1998, Philips launches Flat Televisions and CD-recorders - both firsts in India. As is seen, throughout the 1900's Philips continued to bring the Indian consumer new and innovative products backed by the latest technology and bearing the renowned Philips stamp of quality. Quelle: Philips India website.

This manufacturer was suggested by Sandor Selyem-Tóth.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
IND  72 15RL517 /00B   Extern power jack: 7,5-9 Volt DC. 
IND  74 15RL035 /00R    
IND  72 Philetta 15RL312 /00R   Tropicalized and built-in frame aerial. 
IND  75 Prince de Luxe II 15RL311 /00B    
IND  80 D1038 /00 /08 ED1502  The original schematic (file: d1038_orig_sch) glued to the inside of the back cover sta... 
IND  52 BCA628U UF41  Philips India model BCA628U;SW coverage: 11 - 17 m, 17 - 25 m, 22 - 33 m, 33 - 60 m, 60 - ... 
IND  68 15RB587 /01S ECH81  Chassis appears similar to model 15RB487. The main differences are that the 15RB58... 
IND  68 15RB487 ECH81  Indian made Philips radio. Speaker type AD3460X (Z = 5 ohms). Wave bands: MW: 18... 
IND  70 15RB708 /00S ECH81  First radio with stereo audio amplifier made by Philips India. Speakers: 2 x type 2145 25... 
IND  83 D1066 ED1502  siehe auch baugleiches Magnavox D1066 (ID=1426453)  
IND  70 PM2412 A2   Multimeter, analog. 40 k0hm/V DC. 4 kOhm/V AC. 40 Hz-5 kHz. 0.3-1-3-10-30-100-300-1000 FS... 
IND  59 B5CA67U UCH81  Model similar to B5CA66U except for minor changes in cabinet and dial. The pictures sh...