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History of the manufacturer  

LEA - Laboratorios Eléctricos Argentinos S.R.L.; Buenos Aires

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Name: LEA - Laboratorios Eléctricos Argentinos S.R.L.; Buenos Aires    (RA)  
Abbreviation: lealaborat
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LEA - Laboratorios Eléctricos Argentinos S.R.L.; Buenos Aires.

Laboratorios Eléctricos Argentinos S.R.L.(LEA) was launched in 1941, and in 1965 became a limited company.
Since its founding, their core business is electronics. In the beginning, developing and manufacturing laboratory instruments and equipment. Between 1941 and 1952 the main products were signal generators, Q factor meters, audio and radio frequency oscillators, impedance bridges, Megger and other laboratory instruments were intended to supply government and private laboratories in the country and neighboring countries, and as colleges and universities.

Founded: 1941
Production: 1941 -
Between 1953 and 1969 with the arrival of television in the country, dedicated themselves to making a line of instruments for adjustment and service of TV and radio equipment were well received in the market. At the same time were made for television tuners rotary type. Between 1970 and 1988 discontinued the manufacture of instruments, to engage in the manufacture of VHF and UHF tuners.
From the year 1989 the company entered the market in developing a cable TV converter with audio and video outputs, digital tuning of a continuous band up to 400 MHz with the possibility of extending it to 860 MHz.
Empresa dedicada al desarrollo y fabricación de instrumentos de medida y prueba, para radio y televisión. Adicionalmente fabricaron componentes variados para radio y televisión como ser micrófonos, parlantes y bocinas reentrantes para audio. Su planta industrial abarcaba una superficie de 1500 m2 y estaba ubicada en la calle Alvarez Jonte 2276 de la ciudad de Buenos Aires. Sus productos se comercializaban con la marca LEA.

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
RA  50/50 Generador de audio 1302    
RA  65 Generador de Barrido 1560 6BQ7A  Generador de barrido con marcador para alineación de Frecuencia Intermedia en receptores d... 
RA  50 Medidor de Q-L-C 1401 6C4  Tiene un diodo de germanio, no pude determinar la denominacion. 
RA  65 Generador de Barrido 2550   Generador de barrido con marcador para alineación de TV. Sweep generator with marker fo... 
RA  55 Multímetro Valvular (VTVM) 2412 12AU7  Multímetro Valvular. Para la función óhmetro utiliza una pila tamaño D. 
RA  55 Voltmetro a válvula LEA 1450 6AU6  Voltímetro a válvula CA. Escalas .01 .03 .1 .3 1 3 10 30 100 300 VCA. 
RA  65 Generador de Barrido y Marcador 1550 6BQ7  Generador de barrido con marcador para alineación de TV. Sweep generator with marker for ... 
RA  65 Osciloscopio (Oscilloscope) 1100-A 6C4  5 inches green CRT. Up to 150 kHz sweep. 


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