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History of the manufacturer  

Ben-Gal (Bengal); Rishon Le Zion

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Name: Ben-Gal (Bengal); Rishon Le Zion    (IL)  
Abbreviation: ben-gal
Products: Model types

The company started production after the WWII and ceized in 60-ies.

The company name is Ben Gal, sometimes written as Bengal or Gen-Gal. Ben Gal was in the market from roughly 1945 till 1965. In the first years of the new-born state of Israel when not many could afford such commodity Ben Gal first assembled radios, later TV sets as well. Most parts were imported from Europe, like the loudspeaker which often have the stamp "NEOS" France. We don't know if the chassis was originated in Israel or if it was an assembly production.

This manufacturer was suggested by Dejan Dizdar.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
IL  65 Duet Stereo EF85  Piano key type console, Stereo Amplifier and Stereo Pick-Up (Record Player). Long w... 
IL  58 Verdi [(Rectangular IFT)] ECH81  The IF Coil cans are the smaller rectangular type instead of the traditional larger rou... 
IL  60 Concerto Super 538    
IL  53 Concerto Super 53/b Ch= 469 ECH81  The model Super 53 Concerto from Ben-Gal is shown in Israeli "Sefer Hasherut" (Service Boo... 
IL  50 Conarton    
IL  58 Verdi [Round IFT] ECH81  See also variation Verdi with different IFT cans and EBF80 instead of the ECC83  
IL  60 Chopin ECH81  Schematics are similar to BEN GAL Mozart with a single EZ80 rectifier. 
IL  55 Metropolitan ECH81   
IL  57 Universal Export EBF80   
IL  55 Supermelody ECH81   
IL  53 Sinai ECH81   
IL  55 Super Fidelity ECH81