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History of the manufacturer  

Lekmek Radio Laboratories; Sydney

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Name: Lekmek Radio Laboratories; Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: lekmek
Products: Model types Others

Lekmek Radio Laboratories (1931), Lekmek (Australasia) Ltd.(1938)

1931- 1940:  Berk House, 75 William Street, Sydney

Lekmek commenced in 1931 making kit sets for home construction and started making complete radios in 1932. Studio equipment was produced in 1937. Production had ceased by 1940.

Founded: 1931
Closed: 1940
Production: 1931 - 1939

Norman S Gilmore worked with Leslie Bean to set up Stromberg-Carlson (Australasia) in 1927.  Both gentlemen were Electrical Engineers who left the Post Master Generals Department earlier.

Gilmore left Stromberg-Carlson in 1931 to found Lekmek Radio Laboratories

Initially the company concentrated on kit sets and later complete receivers. They also manufactured studio equipment from 1937 for rural broadcast stations.

Lekmek (Australasia) Ltd. was registered in January 1938.

The factory was badly damaged by fire in March 1938, however the company seemed to recover from this.

It is unknown as to why they ceased manufacturing in 1940 as other manufactures switched to construction for the war effort.

The company was liquidated on the 31 December 1940

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  35 608 6D6   
AUS  35 510 1C6  Sloping front console cabinet. 
AUS  32 Super-Six Kit 60 235  This was available as a kit of parts comprising 3 shielded coils; aerial, R.F. and oscilla... 
AUS  32 Super-Five kit 51 224A  This was available as a kit of parts comprising 3 shielded coils; aerial, R.F. and oscilla... 
AUS  36/37 617 [Table] 6D6  Mingay's index lists this as a console, but a table version has been sighted.  
AUS  36/37 617 [Console] 6D6   
AUS  35 Short Wave Converter 101 AK1  Shortwave converter, tunes from 19 to 50 metres. This item was available as a kit or fully... 
AUS  34 501 15   
AUS  32 60-E [Issue 2] 58  This model was available as a kit. 
AUS  34 504CA Ch= 504A 6A7  This model differs from the 504C in having AGC. See uploaded notes from radio Trade... 
AUS  33 57-EM Ch= 57-E 57   
AUS  32 Simplicity Super Kit 52E 224A   


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Company advertisment, circa 1940.tbn_aus_lekmek_ad.jpg
Electrical & Radio Exhibition Program 1934 Feb 1934, page 6.tbn_aus_lekmek_ad_feb_1934.jpg
Advert for 1938 models. Radio Trade Annual 1938, Page 177.tbn_aus_lekmek_ad_rta38_p177.jpg