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History of the manufacturer  

Kay Electric Company, Pine Brook, N.J.

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Name: Kay Electric Company, Pine Brook, N.J.    (USA)  
Abbreviation: kay
Products: Model types Others

Kay Electric Company was a manufacturer of radio-TV service instrumentation. Its production included high-frequency variable attenuators, noise generators and sweep generators, from audio to UHF.


This manufacturer was suggested by Emilio Ciardiello.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  46/47 Mega Sweep Jr   A frequency sweep up to 30 mc over the entire frequency spectrum from 400 kc to 500 mc is ... 
USA  62 Therma-Node   Precision noise source, 1 kHz to 1000 MHz. Operates from line or 24 VDC. 
USA  62 Mega-Node 3000   Noise generator using tungsten filament, temperature-limited coaxial diode. 1 to 3000 MHz ... 
USA  62 Mega-Node 403A   Similar to Mega-Node 3000, with out frequency range limited to 500 MHz. 
USA  62 Microwave Mega-Nodes   5 waveguide fixtures utilizing argon, neon or fluorescent noise sources. Single power supp... 
USA  62 Missilyzer Cat. 675   Audio spectrum analyzer, 5 to 15000 Hz. Plots frequency and amplitude vs. time on facsimil... 
USA  62 Sona-Graph Cat. 662-A   Audio spectrograph for sound and vibration analysis. 85 to 12000 Hz. 
USA  62 Attenuators   Precision high-frequency variable attenuators. Toggle switch, models 20 and 30, or rotary,... 
USA  62 Sona-Sweep Model M   20Hz to 200KHz sweep generator, log or linear, 0.2 to 25 sweep per second. 
USA  62 Marka-Sweep Model Video TV   50 kHz to 8 MHz sweep-marker generator for TV frequencies. Metered out. 
USA  62 Marka-Sweep Model Video   50 kHz to 20 MHz sweep-marker, fixed pulse markers. 
USA  62 Marka-Sweep Model Video 50   50 kHz to 50 MHz general purpose sweep-marker generator.