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History of the manufacturer  

Bell Telephone Mfg. Co. (Radiobell); Antwerp

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Name: Bell Telephone Mfg. Co. (Radiobell); Antwerp    (B)  
Abbreviation: bell
Products: Model types

Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company S.A.
4 Rue Boudewyns, Anvers / Antwerp (1929)
Succursale : 166 Rue Royale 166, Bruxelles (1929)
Succursale : 36 Rue de Sclessin 36, Liége (1932)

Brand: Radiobell

Radiobell - Tévébell, division of Bell Telephone
40 Rue du Peuple, Anvers (1957)

Ab 1932 oder früher baut die Bell Telephone Mfg. Co. in Belgien Radios unter der Marke Radiobell und exportiert diese z.B. auch in die Schweiz. Möglicherweise gibt es in der Schweiz 1937 bis 1940 auch Assemblierung, um als schweizer Marke gelten zu können.

From 1932 or earlier on Bell Telephone Mfg. Co. builds radios in Belgium. There is also export to Switzerland (perhaps assemby from 1937 to 1940) and other countries.

Bell was (when? for how long?) also distributor for Brimar tubes in Belgium.

Founded: 1882

This manufacturer was suggested by Herman Reynaert.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
58 Sonate RBUT 16-2A EL95  3 motors, 2 speed (4.75 & 9.5 cm/s), 3 heads, the tape reels are on top of each other,... 
47 Radiobell 47 (47A) 6K8G  Band spreading 12 to 21m. Original prospectus states tubes without G, other line-up possib... 
37/38 Radiobell 358A [6A7] 6A7  Codex J.V. AS4737;  Mallory Gitterbatterie.   
51 Radiobell Wire-recorder (Draadrecorder) 7F7  Combined wire recoder/record player. The set uses a modified Schaub Supraport deck. The... 
52 Radiobell Box (Music Box)   Music Box incorporating a radio. Coin insertion on the right side. A version with a newer ... 
49 Radiobell Lyric [AC] 7A7  3 SW bands. There is probably also an unconfirmed AC/DC version with different tube... 
35/36 Radiobell 636 (636A, R.636) CK1  Codex J.V. AS5735. Neon indicator 4662 A27. Schakelingen v. Dijck: 225 Hfl. V. Dijc... 
52/53 Radiobell Stereobell [AC] 7A7  Two ouput stages, but no stereo. 3 SW bands. 
34/35 Radiobell 6 (6A, R.6, 2033A) 6A7  Codex J.V. AS 5724 Vademecum Staleman: 250 Hfl. 
52 Radiobell Sonate ECH41  2 SW bands 12-21m and 20-52m. 
60 Radiobell 102A RBRA 430-102A. TA UCH81  Elliptical speaker 15 x 22 cm. Selenium rectifier Siemens E250-C130.  
55 Auto-Radiobell Junior Normal ECH42  2 frequency ranges: MW 175 - 525 m and LW 1000 - 2000 m. Can be operated on 6 or 12 vol... 


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1934/35 logo on the R5 receivertbn_radiobell5e.jpg
Brimar tube box with Radiobell text and sealtbn_b_bell_brimar_tubebox.jpg


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