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History of the manufacturer  

Philips Electrical (Ireland) Ltd.; Dublin

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Name: Philips Electrical (Ireland) Ltd.; Dublin    (IRL)  
Abbreviation: philips
Products: Model types

Philips Electrical (Ireland) Ltd.; Dublin, Ireland

Models from the Irish commercial organisation carry the letters IF in the model number.

The origin letters as used in front of the serial number and on separate chassis labels to indicate the Dublin factory, are PE.

Founded: 1930
There is a certificate for the 25th anniversary in 1955 of Philips in Ireland. See picture.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
IRL  54 BIF430A-01 ECH81  Internal ferrite aerial manually turning. Phono input, tone control. The intercom unit... 
IRL  60 B4IF81A ECH81  Ferrite Rod aerial for MW & LW. Sockets for Aerial, Earth, gram and speaker. Key butto... 
IRL  66 All Transistor L3IF52T AF127   
IRL  53 HIF532A ECH81  Band 1: SW 52.5 ... 47.5 m (spreaded) Band 2: SW 53 ... 15 m Band 3: MW 585 ...185 ... 
IRL  58/59 B6IF72A ECH81  There may also be a wooden cabinet version. No VHF version as Ireland only tests from 1... 
IRL  57 LIF 345B DK96   
IRL  57 B3IF80U (B31F80U) UCH81   
IRL  57 BIF 260U UCH81   
IRL  58 BIF 360A ECH81   
IRL  58 BIF 370A ECH81   
IRL  57 FIF 770A ECC85   
IRL  57 FIF 660A ECC85   


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Certificate on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Philips in Ireland (1955). Courtesy Hurdy-Gurdy Museum.tbn_irl_philips_silverjubilee.jpg