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History of the manufacturer  

Research Enterprises Ltd., Toronto

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Name: Research Enterprises Ltd., Toronto    (CDN)  
Abbreviation: research-e
Products: Others Tube manufacturer

Research Enterprises Ltd. was established in Toronto, Canada, by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). From 1940 to 1946 REL produced more than 8300 radar sets. REL also produced most of the components, including vacuum tubes, magnetrons, klystrons, CRTs, spark-gaps or trigatrons, TR and ATR cells, rectifiers, neon RF indicators and any other tube required for their radar production. Often derived from already existing British or U.S. devices, most of the tubes were custom designed for a given application; other were the result of independent studies of the NRC scientists, as the first 3GHz, strapped cavity magnetron.

Some tubes marked as 'REL' were actually built by Canadian and U.S. firms; others were built by REL itself. Very few is known about its tube production, some were just experimental, unless for the few types used in equipment supplied to the U.S. forces.

Founded: 1939
Closed: 1946
In 1939 the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) was involved as focal point in the development of radar equipment. Canada could benefit from the specific knowledge of the British pioneers together with the wide components and materials availability of the near U.S. market. NRC design staff started with 12 people in 1939, growing to over 300 in 1945, aided by Canadian Military Services personnel, as well as the Universities of Western Ontario, Toronto, McGill, and Queen's. They developed over thirty types of radar sets, 12 of which went in mass production.
To support volume production, the Canadian government created a Crown corporation in Toronto, called Research Enterprises Limited (REL). REL stayed in business until September 1946. During the war, more than 8300 radar sets were produced at R.E.L. for the Canadian, U.S. and British Forces. Most of these sets were either production versions of NRC designs, or adaptations of British designs to North American components and practices.
Source of information: Radar Technical Overview By W.E. Knowles Middleton and Alex Mair Reprinted courtesy of National Research Council of Canada and the University of Alberta

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