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History of the manufacturer  

Realtone Electronics Ltd.; Hong Kong

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Name: Realtone Electronics Ltd.; Hong Kong    (HK)  
Abbreviation: realtone-h
Products: Model types Others

Realtone Electronics Ltd.
95 How Ming St., 5th Floor
Kwun Tong Kowloon
Hong Kong

Realtone Electronics Ltd. manufactured transistor consumer electronics for various brands including Zenith, GE, Philips, Soundesign, Realtone, and perhaps others.  The Hong Kong business Registration Number was 0012752.  The company was dissolved in 1996 and probably did not make any products after around 1988.  

The Hong Kong factory was reported to be one of the ten largest manufacturers in Hong Kong in the early 1970's (Ref: U.S.Department of Comerce, Global Market Survey, Electronic Components, Vol. 57, October 1974, page 55).  They also were the first factory to manufacture FM radios in Hong Kong.  

The Realtone branded products that were manufactured and distributed by Realtone Electronics Ltd.  are characterized by the gothic style logo that is shown on this page.  Products with this logo also were produced by Realtone Philippines Corp. and by Realtone Corporation of Korea.  None of the products with this logo appear to have been distributed in the USA.

Realtone Electronics Inc. also was associated with Kings Point Corp..


Founded: 1966
Closed: 1996
Production: 1966 - 1989

Realtone Electronics Ltd.  was founded by Meyer Silvera and Rahmo Sassoon.  They were the owners of a Japan manufacturer, Realtone Electronics, Inc.  At some point Rahmo Sassoon ended his relationship with the company, but the exact date is unknown.  Additional information regarding the ownership  can be seen on the manufacturer page for Realtone Electronics Corp.

Realtone Electronics Inc. provided the engineering for the Hong Kong factory products, and perhaps those manufactured in Korea and the Philippines.

Sources of Information:  The ownership history and other information was provided by Mathew Albert Nissim in a phone converstion with David Erali (RMorg administrator) on October 22, 2019.  Nissim is the brother-in-law of Meyer Silvera, and was the Managing Director of Realtone Electonics, Ltd. from 1966 - 1969.   The existing model files also were reviewed for relevant information.

This manufacturer was suggested by Eckhard Wegner.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
HK  72 Realtone E-2   Realtone E-2 12/24 hour clock system with AM/FM radio produced by Realtone, Hongkong ( sis... 
HK  84 Stereo Electronic Clock Radio E-4   Stereo electronic clock, AM / FM / FM Mpx , Phono. Schalter front: Power on/off, Uhr man/... 
HK  84 E-270   Radio mit LCD-Weckuhr, aus der HongKong Produktion. 
HK  85 1200-C   Kompaktanlage. 
HK  78 E-900   Electronic-Digital-Clock-FM-MW-LW-Cassette. Frequenzbereiche: UKW 88..104 MHz. MW 540..140... 
HK  75 AM-FM Clock Radio E 101   AM-FM Clock Radio with VFD display. controllo volume - commutatore AM/FM - manual/auto ... 
HK  70 FM-MW-LW Electronic Clock C-500   controllo volume/tono - commutatore set:  clock-date/alarm/date/time - commutatore se... 


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Gothic style logo used for Realtone Electronics Ltd.tbn_realtone_logo.jpg