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History of the manufacturer  

Pennsylvania Wireless Mfg. Co., Penna Wireless (Penn-C); New Castle, PA

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Name: Pennsylvania Wireless Mfg. Co., Penna Wireless (Penn-C); New Castle, PA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: pennsylwir
Products: Model types

Pennsylvania Wireless Mfg. Company (Penna Wireless)
507 Florence Avenue, New Castle, Pennsylvania (1918 Wireless Age listing)
507-511 Florence Ave., New Castle, PA (1922 Wireless Age listing)

Trade name: Penn-C

The name "Penna Wireless" is an often-used abbreviation of "Pennsylvania Wireless". In 1920, Penna Wireless distributes Radisco parts. In 1925 they offer a "Selectedyne" receiver.

The history of Pennsylvania Wireless is largely unknown. In an advertisement they state an incoporation date of 1910.

The address Florence Ave seems to have been their company seat throughout their existence (November 1924, The Radio Trade Directory, under the heading manufacturers of Vacuum Tube Sets on page 82, and also the August 1926 edition of the McGraw-Hill Radio Trade Directory).

Founded: 1910

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  27 Penn-C 6 UX201A  Different models sold from $95 to $165. 
USA  27 Penn-C 5 UX201A  Console. 
USA  22 Selectedyne UV201A  The Pennsylvania Wireless Selectedyne is a battery operated 4 tube BC band receiver. 
USA  22 GT-2 DC UV199  Dry cell version of the GT-2 using UV199 dry cell tubes instead of the UV201 tubes.  
USA  25 Penn C Special UV201A  The Pennsylvania Wireless Penn C Special was the last regenerative radio made by the co... 
USA  22 GT Two-Stage Audio Amplifier UV201A  Matching Two-Stage Audio Amplifier for the Penn C GT Tuner & Detector 
USA  22 GT Tuner & Detector C299   
USA  20 Three Circuit Tuner [Version four with two sets of tap switches.]   This version of the Pennsylvania Wireless Three Circuit Regenerative Receiver had two s... 
USA  25 Penn-C DeLuxe-Five C301A  Pennsylvania Wireless Company Penn C DeLuxe-Five 5-Tube TRF Receiver.  Waverange 2... 
USA  22 GT-3 UV200  Pennsylvania Wireless MFG. Co. New Castle PA. Model GT-3 Regenerative Receiver 
USA  23/24 GT-2 UV200  Pennsylvania Wireless MFG. Co. New Castle PA. Model GT-2 Regenerative Receiver 
USA  23 WCAE Receiver UV200  WCAE was the Pittsburgh radio station, working on 462 meters, owned by Kauffmann & Baer.Th... 


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10th October 1922, New Castle Herald Newspapertbn_usa_pennsylvania_wireless_1922_new_castle_herald_combo.jpg
January 10th 1922, New Castle Herald newspaper. In this clipping from Jan. 1922, the Gilfillan Electric Company 15 South Mercer Street in New Castle claim to be the sole agents of the Pennsylvania Wireless Company.tbn_usa_pennsylvania_wireless_jan._10th_1922_new_castle_herald_page_12.jpg
September 19 1919 New Castle Herald newspaper clipping mentioning the Pennsylvania Wireless Company and the reopening of wireless after WWI.tbn_usa_pennsylvania_wireless_sept._29_1919_new_castle_herald.jpg