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History of the manufacturer  

Fuji High Frequency Radio Lab. Co., LTD.; (where?)

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Name: Fuji High Frequency Radio Lab. Co., LTD.; (where?)    (J)  
Abbreviation: fujihighfr
Products: Model types

Fuji High Frequency Radio Lab. Co., LTD.; (where? ~1960s).
Label for transistor radios: "Constant".

Constant was a brand name used by Fuji High Frequency Radio Lab, Co, Ltd. This company may have been a subsidiary of Fuji Electric Industry Co, Ltd founded in 1923.
Constant designed and manufactured some highly collectible and unusual transistor radios.
Constant also made radios under the brandnames Vulcan, Windsor, Barlow, Minute Man, Supre-Macy, Personna, Morse, Crestline, AFCO, Fuji, Hi-Fi, Sabre and probably others.

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
59 Constant 6T-170 2NJ8  Constant 6T-170; Earphone jack, sea green colored. Similar design to Minute Man 6T-170... 
58 Constant Transistor Six 6T-160   Similar to the models reported under Zephyr TR-64. 
60 Constant Transistor Six 6T-220 2SA52  Constant Transistor Six 6T-220; Manufacturer unproven, made in Japan. Similar to the... 
60 Constant All Transistor 6T-180   Fuji High Frequency Radio Lab Pocket AM Radio Model Constant 6T-180. Frequency Range: 535... 
60 Jupiter Transistor Six Constant 6T-210   Constant Transistor Radio Model 6T-210. (All Transistor Jupiter Transistor Six) Frequenc... 
61 Constant Transistor Six 6T-250   Similar to the model reported under Hi-Delity 6T-250. 
54 Highness LP-IB-60 1R5   
62 Jupiter 8 Transistor Super Eight 8T-310    
60 Constant Transistor Six 6T-200   Similar to Windsor 6T-200. Somewhat similar to the models 6T-160 reported here and 6T-2... 
62 Jupiter 7 Transistor    
60 Jupiter Transistor Six 6T-200   This model may be found even with different brands. 
63 Jupiter 2 Transistor Boy's Radio Wrist Watch