Info - Help for the "simple model search"

Use this "Simple model search" for finding model pages. It's handy to become familiar as a beginner bcause most similar to a Google search (indexed search). Once you are comfortable, proceed with the advanced forms with more options further down the search page (home). Don't confuse the "full text SEARCH" on top right of every page with a "model search". Use the "simple model search" for models instead.

This "simple model search" looks for models only - by using also the manufacturer and brand fields - but not the notes or other results in the model page. It is specialized for the model description, variant field and brand / manufacturer (only). It functions like the SEARCH on each page above right but is specialized for models only. You can use the instructions here.

HOWTO use the simple model search:

Be careful: use one term or perhaps two only. It is like with every search: "less input is more output, more input is less output". Don't shorten words - except you put a star (*) at the abbreviation. It is a "full word" search, based on an index which we calculate 3 times a day. On the other hand: If you have alpha-numeric expressions like ABC1234XYZ, we index 3 "words": ABC, 1234 and XYZ. By knowing this you know how to use it. But you also need to know that we delete all special characters in the index and in your search term to be able to match also ABC-1234/XYZ. You also don't have to consider which comes first (what you have to in the detailled and fully detailed model search! You can search above by entering XYZ abc - and it will find it or xYz/1234 ... etc.

Advanced possibilites for the simple search:

You can use a star (*) after an expression to enter only a fraction of a word like oscillo* to get Oscillograph AND Oscilloskop. If you want also to get Oszillo.... then you use a question mark within a word like this: os?illo* and then you get also Oszillograf etc. The third very useful special character is a hyphen directly in front of a word. This results that the simple search (or SEARCH) does not bring results if that word is found in the model designation or brand or company. You can also use the tilde for getting similar results like telefunken~ which will bring also Telefunkon (this exists!).

We recommend to use the link FAQ if you face any problems.

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